Energy from Anger²!

You can control your anger, start training it! 😉

Anger is like any other human emotion. You can’t deny it but luckily you can manage it. As you’ve known before, it takes readiness and willingness to deal with it. When you are angry, you act like a vortex. You will need to calm down in order to think clearly.

What Is an Ambivert: peacock animation showing feathersActivate your logic and believe it or not, this part is hard but you can do it. When your logic is present, things get better. How to bring up your logic is your task to achieve. Some can make a meal, others can take a hike, maybe you can watch your preferred birds. Do any activity that will take your attention away from your anger.

After having your activity, you’ll be able to pinpoint the triggers that caused your anger. These triggers you need to be aware of them in case they pop out for any reason again, you need to settle them down and to adjust them in a way to be calmed down. Talk to your anger triggers and let them know that they will not defeat you again.

Tell yourself that your nerves are more important than being angry. There is more to be said in your next post.

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Until we chat again, catch up if you can, you will be inspired, with our hugs and kisses ❤
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