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After having coffee and some biscuits, you asked your friend if he slept well, and if he would like you to talk about it. Your friend positively wanted more talk. You said that what you meant by brainwashing was that his gf following an abuser nice technique  of brainwashing or what might be called in some cases: percepticide.

You explained more about the symptoms and warned him that he should be aware of the first red flag that could lead to a brainwash without even noticing it, which is isolation. Your gf isolated you from your family, your friends, your acquaintance, and she became the only person you depend upon under all circumstances. 

Brainwashed GIFs | TenorClearly each step of brainwashing was gradually developed through always being together, laughing and drinking together. “After your first year with her according to what you mentioned, you taught her a lot of your skills and experience. Because she succeeded in breaking you down, being unable to identify your own needs and caring only to meet all her ugly frequent demands, you ended up telling her sensitive matters about your work. All through smiles and focusing only on her brainwashing, calmly brought that up to him.

Always be on your toes and on the lookout for the early warning signs of brainwashing and intimate coercion in your relationship. Things start …… more

He listened to you very attentively. He started having tears in his eyes whispering “I should have paid more attention. I told her some sensitive info about my work, she used me to benefit her family. She entered her family’s weird ideas into my head a little bit by a little bit crawling under my skin. I couldn’t see my real “me”. Only now I notice how fool I was. She and her family pretended to be the nicest people in the world which  made my doors wide open for them.”

Still more in your next post. 🙄

Until we chat again, remember to catch up with what you missed and if you liked it even if it was past, it would be great, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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