Well, every day has its own inspirational source! 😉

After few hours, you found your friend totally understood what you meant by being brainwashed. The best part about it was that he admitted it which was quite good as the first step in healing.

When he asked you about how to get rid of that whole situation, you mentioned to him some references, and briefly explained that he had the most important part of the brainwash undoing steps. Of course, that was when he admitted having it.

For those who missed our posts, brainwashing is:

jyesfrwBrainwashing is the process of repeatedly indoctrinating a person with a new set of beliefs. It’s helpful to think of brainwashing in terms of identity. When someone is brainwashed, they ditch their old identity an…..    more

To get rid of your brainwash, you need to stay away from its sources. “Now that you realize how you extremely changed to match others surrounding you in that kind of cult, it makes sense to stay away as far as possible. Don’t tell yourself that you will go gradually. If you are hesitant, you’d regret it,” you started talking about how to undo that magic.

“If you’re working in the same place under the same roof, you still can defend yourself against any brainwash by introducing your own life, your own customs and traditions. Show the invaders how the parts of their game that affected you psychologically can simply be undone and contradicted,” you empathetically stated.

“Pull yourself out of all of that nonsense and restore your own “You” and be proud of how you are and the goodness that you grow up believing in. Since your gf left you after you gave her the best moments of your life, do not regret not searching for her ever again. She doesn’t deserve your pity. You are the one who needs this”, you said that and felt sad for what happened to your friend. You wanted to do more but there was nothing else you can do. You told him to stay with you for as long as he wants which is really cool on your part to offer this.

Still next weekend movie is unknown. 🙄

Always welcome back to your pages great friends from the US, the UK, India, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Italy, Cameroon, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Spain, China, South Africa, Canada, Germany, Brazil, Australia, Turkey, Pakistan, Philippines, Portugal, Lithuania, Argentina, New Zealand, France, South Korea, Singapore, Mauritius, Poland, Mexico, Russia, Colombia, Belgium, Taiwan, Hungary, Japan, Thailand, Oman, Serbia, Kosovo, Ecuador, Albania, Peru, Slovenia, Ireland, Austria, Iraq, Netherlands, Mexico, Egypt, Indonesia, Qatar, Moldova, Sweden, Hong Kong, Cambodia and all
Until we chat again, remember to catch up with what you missed and if you liked it even if it was past, it would be great, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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