🚛 Moving! 🏄

It is quite strange for a post to disappear, but this is what have happened to this post. It doesn’t seem to be possible to retrieve its contents.

A new post is to be replaced soon!


Three more days! Just keep your spot since you’re already in the right place! 😉 Thank you lovely friends from the US, India, the UK, Thailand, Germany, Philippines, and Qatar! 😉

Here we are to complete the moving tips we promised you earlier. Of course there is plenty to do when you’re moving whether from city to city or from state to state. But may be if you’re moving from a state to another state, it would be better to have a professional company to do that for you if you have the right budget, and you want to save the headache of driving a moving truck.

It might be simpler to move from a place to place in the same city but the basics would be the same.

The first step which you need to do the earliest possible is to have an estimate for your moving costs…

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