Tips for Your Back²!

Take a break when you feel tired! 😉

woman lying on a yoga mat with her arms extended and knees twisted to the sideAs easy as it seems to be, it is not. When you are in pain, any simple exercise will seem to be similar to climbing a mountain. 

You do not need to do any exercise while you are in acute pain. Wait and take your time to adjust and develop a higher tolerance ability; then, you can start light exercises. After feeling woman doing knees to chest stretch in yoga studioimprovement, continue to exercise. This will work as if it is a way of protecting your body against any future pain.

Your bones and your muscles will generate a kind of resistance against similar pain in the future. Be patient. 🙄

woman crouched on her knees on the ground with her arms extended in front of her while on a yoga matFor more nice tips, click here.

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Until we talk again,  get inspired, with our hugs and kisses ❤
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