She & He⁵!

Dearest wonderful friends readers writers bloggers and all, thank you for being here with many others from everywhere: the US, the UK, Russia, Canada, India, Germany, France, Japan, Qatar, Australia, Turkey, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Lithuania, Kenya, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Guatemala, Bahrain, Indonesia, Greece, Italy, Romania, Honduras, Brazil, Mexico, Norway, Netherlands, SophieTextingColombia, Uruguay, Thailand, and all! 😉

Maybe it’s odd but people do strange things especially now. Or maybe it is not, it depends on who the sender is and who the receiver is, what do you think?

He She
Why did you do that? What?
You were waiting for this opportunity? What are you talking about?
You like to pretend as if there was nothing happened Started to be impatient, what’s the problem?
You knocked at his door after the middle of the night! Yes?
You went to his door…. can’t you see what you did? You told me in case of emergency, I should go to him. You were in another country, and it was emergency.
It was emergency, hmmm. Yes. I was taken to the hospital, didn’t he tell you that?
Yeh, he did but why didn’t you wait until I came back Too strange, what do you expect when two babies were with me?
So what? babies asleep I was sick, the room was going up and down shaking all over. I got scared if something happened to me who could take care of the babies?
You are not shy to go with another man to the Emergency Room? No of course not. He didn’t come inside while the doctor was seeing me. He was very polite and he is your friend.
Oh nonsense you’re not thinking right

I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

I wish you were with me when that happened.

I was just curious

U are acting like a child.This is not a game. This is dangerous situation I was at, and all you can think of is insulting me by these crazy ideas. there’s nothing else to say, you should be sorry but you never are.

(To be continued)

Until we chat again, enjoy modern texting and laugh a little bit if you get that satire with our hugs and kisses

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