The Teacher’s Hat²!

Lovely day hovering over your life, enjoy it! 😉

UntitledThat guy kept thinking about how to deal with the city’s crowd. They expected him to deliver some education for their children.

Since there was only one school and all kids went there, it was quite a task to perform under his circumstances. However, he didn’t give up. He welcomed the job that was offered to him as a teacher, or should we say the only teacher that runs a small school with only once class.

The man was good in talking and that was a characteristic of all swindlers. They could speak very well in order to be able to convince their victims of whatever they want. 

Shop Felt Hats | Hat World Australia | Gentleman SF782He made a plan for his class and started talking about stories from his own experience: things that he remembered from his childhood, others he got it from his acquaintance omitting the parts that involved bad manners.

The city started talking about that teacher and how clever was he teaching their kids new ideas. Nobody suspected him bc they mostly were simple poor people small community and they saw no harm from the man.

One day a mother came in to the class asking the assumed-teacher to read a letter that was sent to her by her husband since she was not able to read. The guy was shocked. He never expected that to happen. He wasn’t even aware that there was anybody in this tiny city who could read. He looked and looked at the letter. His mind kept clicking and his heart almost stopped.

Then the woman……. Tomorrow for its last part 🙄

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Until we talk again,  get inspired, with our hugs and kisses ❤
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