The Teacher’s Hat³!

You are heading towards your destiny! 😉

UntitledThe woman thought it could have been something bad and the teacher didn’t want to deliver bad news for her. Her eyes started having tears and  sniffing using a handkerchief.

She said that she knew that it was bad news and that her husband never wrote to her before when he was away but probably bc their son was attending the school, he thought that he could read it for her.

He nodded his head as if he agreed to what she was saying. Then, he said that it was not a bad news it was just a bit of a delay in her husband journey due to not feeling well. 

The swindler felt sorry for himself not being able to read but that was not the real problem at that moment. He wanted to deal appropriately with that lady letter situation; therefore, he talked softly emphasizing that her husband was in little bit of a delay and that he didn’t want them to get worried about him.

In the meantime, he was thinking of a nice way to leave and express his gratitude for the folks in that city who trusted him with their kids.

T hatBy the end of the day after the middle of the night while everything was silent, he cautiously got himself few things in hand and got out of his room. As usual he used to be light so he could move quickly, and in a moment he disappeared from that town leaving behind a souvenir for its people.

The following day when the students came to school, they found a piece of paper carrying a drawing of a heart stuck to his teacher’s hat on his table. 🙄

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Until we talk again,  get inspired, with our hugs and kisses ❤
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