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Mother and son arguing. Aged mother arguing with her adult son at home. |  CanStockEnjoy your plan and adjust when necessary! 😉

Is it uneasy to get what you want? Why? You need to take a deeper look into your actions. There must be a reason you are unaware of, and when you know it, it would be easy to achieve your goals.

Dearest wonderful friends readers writers bloggers and all, thank you for being here with many others from everywhere: the US, the UK, Russia, Canada, India, Germany, France, Japan, Qatar, Australia, Turkey, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Lithuania, Kenya, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Guatemala, Bahrain, Indonesia, Greece, Italy, Romania, Honduras, Brazil, Mexico, Norway, Netherlands, Colombia, Uruguay, Thailand, and all! 😉
She He
I wonder why did you apply to a teller job with our bank? I always have passion for financial matters, and as you see in my resume my studies are in finance.  
Where did you find our jobs? On Google Search.
Fantastic, was there any other banks or credit unions jobs? Yes sure many others but I read very good reviews about your bank.
You  have a chance for sure. Yes, for what?
For being a teller, isn’t this what you applied for? Yes
I’m glad, can you tell me about a situation where you had to solve a problem during your previous credit union job.
Yes. I do. There were a sort of fight between two parents about the present they should present to their daughter in her 18th birthday.
Really inside the credit union? Yes, and I was able to convince both of them instead of buying one certificate for her, they could add insurance, so it would be two products and each will pay one.
 Really? This means that you were good in selling banking products I think the manager gave me few incentives that day he was so pleased of the whole issue.
What was the limit you were allowed?
I think $5000
Why did you quit that job?
My family needed to move to the Central Coast, but it was a great experience with that Credit union.
What else can you tell me about your previous work?

Oh, I have plenty of nice things I did. I was exceeding expectations all the time. I covered for my co-workers. I made a lot of friends. It was like being among friends.
Until we chat again, life is sometimes rosy with our hugs and kisses

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