Relationship Expectations²!

Having someone else managing your life could cost you a lot! 😉  

Sometimes when you need more time to decide what you exactly like to have out of a relationship, the other party presses hard to rush you. If you agree so quick to that, you might pay for taking a decision while you are not in your right head.

Woman managing the debtTo continue the questions that you should ask yourself, a question about how agreeable your partner is, and whether you feel it is fake or real.

Fifth question you should ask yourself: -Do you enjoy sleeping next to that person, do you have argument in bed? Even if both of you like to have children, it is not the only question you need an answer to bc you don’t understand the importance of the bedroom relationship is.

The next question is: Do you like the taste of the other person? Believe it or not, the taste in everything starting with your kitchen ending with your bathroom is very important that basically will affect your life together. You can imagine yourself while you dislike the black color, your partner favorite color is the black. You see how tiny this is; however it is very essential.

There is more in your next post 🙄

Until we talk again, you should follow up with us every single day, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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