Relationship Expectations³!

What good is the money? Would it bring back your youth? 😉  

Do you want to ask yourself more questions? Maybe it’s a good idea. Here some more in case you still are unsure the result of your relationship with her/him.

To tell you the truth, if you have disrespect for your partner, it is better for you to end this relationship bc it is useless to correct your feeling of disrespect most of the time. 

laundry close-upYour next question is: Do you argue a lot about home chores, who should prep the meals, who should take the garbage out? If this occurs repeatedly, you should decide a permanent solution or else it would be a source of continuous nagging. Before marriage, you should set all the rules that will make you happy in your future.

Another additional question is: Do you argue about your root family; do you like or dislike his/her family? If you do, this is a serious matter and very difficult to be fixe bc you’ll be always trying to protect your root family; this will weary you.

There is more in your next post 🙄

Until we talk again, be ready to share your values, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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