Relationship Expectations⁴!

There will be difficult times in your life, learn how to accommodate! 😉  

Expectations should be set up before action takes place, but the majority do not pay enough attention for this.

Conflict Resolution Skills - HelpGuide.orgFor example, you expect your partner to be clean, but it turns our that cleanliness has many levels. If you eat, you will wash your hands and your mouth while the other person thinks that just a touch of a napkin will be suffice. 

Maybe at the beginning of your relationship, you talked yourself that it was no big deal bc you didn’t want to criticize the other party, but your partner has the courage to ask you: why do you wash your mouth and hands after eating? Oops, you start an argument and s/he did not seem to be agreeable with this much of a challenge.

Although it is a tiny matter according to you, but you didn’t feel this way. It is important for you to see a higher level of cleanliness. This is how you are raised up and how you believe in this level. Now, you need to measure if everything you like will be voted against like this. Too many simple actions in your life you think they are part of you, and the rudeness of another person to want you to abandon a good habit affects your thoughts, and your perception of your future together.

There is more in your next post 🙄

Until we talk again, be ready to share your values, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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