She & He⁸!

Enjoy your whatever you get; there’s always a way! 😉

On Craigslist, some of the ads seem to be a trap for getting to talk to someone or to scam someone. Why?

She He

Thanks a lot for your email.
May I have a look at the place then. Is tomorrow a good time.
As for work, I do both working in person and online 7-4pm
Thanks a lot.
Stream Do You Like My Song? by Raj Patel - Scammer Payback by B_Sydz Studio  | Listen online for free on SoundCloudHi

Are you still looking for a room?
I have a room in Concord (on Ygnacio valley road )
– 1 room in a 2b2b condo , the room has separate bathroom. I’m in my 30s and live in the master bedroom and I work from home full time.
– recently renovated everything, In-unit laundry, kitchen and dining rooms are shared and fully furnished ( however I prefer someone who only cooks lightly)
– looking for a single professional, who is quiet and clean, no overnight guests and no parties,
– I prefer someone who doesn’t work from home (all the time) as I work from home myself
– proof of income and references required
– no pets, no smoking
– plenty of parking spots available in the complex, gym, pool.
– The rent is 1000$/ month and it included utility and internet.

Please let me know if you are interested and I can send you some pictures or give you a virtual tour.


sure tomorrow sounds good, do you wanna stop by or video call?

If you wanna stop by, after 4:30 pm works for me too  (please send a picture ID or Facebook/LinkedIn profile before I share the address).

Afternoon is fine. Ty
Just to make sure that we are on the same page, I’m not a youth, are looking for certain age?
Okay, you can look it up in Linkedin:
Yes sure many others but how about your bank do you have an account number to verify it?
I’m the chief editor and there is a synopsis about me.
Do you have an account on any social network?
Will I be able to see this room today or to see some photos just to take a decision? LMK pls Ty
No! o I’m not looking for a certain age, as long as you can handle yourself and be good tenant who can also afford the rent we’re good 🙂

also the link you sent doesn’t show any profile, can you please resend your Linkedin profile?
Good luck to you honey, haha UH

I’m sorry, I’m not going to share my address with you, You are not giving me your name, your picture, your social profile , your ID? good luck

Until we chat again, life is sometimes rosy with our hugs and kisses  Qatar Airways

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