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How Complaining Rewires Your Brain for Negativity & How to Stop

You define the word “complain” as a state where someone suffers from something and s/he talks about it . It could be embarrassment, pain, illness. There is some bad feeling that occurred to the complaintive. 

For example, a person feels angry bc someone stole his/her book. Next, s/he complained bc he was hurt financially and psychologically. S/He has all the right to complain, and you wouldn’t call him/her a negative person for that complaint.

How about negativity?

It is an expression of pessimism about something, and it is repetitive. For example, your friend always dislike any restaurant you go to and see the down side only. When you attend any event together you feel pessimism when he comes up with nasty pessimistic comments. It is similar to a persistent gloomy attitude towards things or people without any justified reason. This person you will consider a negative person bc he proves this to you every time you get together.

His negativity does not have to be related to any certain complaint, it is just how he is or maybe he is affected by someone else whom he spent a long time with. Of course you wouldn’t know or maybe you would.

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