George & Tammy²!

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Showtime's George & Tammy Gets Premiere Date and New Trailer: Watch |  PitchforkFor this weekend, it is recommended for you to watch the 2nd episode from “George & Tammy“. It is really good acting that would let you live the story. It will take your head away from all thoughts. Four more episodes and that’s it.

'George & Tammy' Review: Shannon & Chastain SingJessica Chastain is quite talented actress. You must have seen a number of movies for her. She is a very versatile living every role she acts. 

The same goes for  Michael Shannon  a very talented actor except that you wouldn’t feel that you saw him before but he is a fabulous actor. He is totally into his role as if it is true. Amazing acting and singing for both stars.

The camera also plays a fantastic role moving swiftly among the scenes, really outstanding. Watch it now if you like.

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