Health Trivia³?!

Your parents are your first line of defense! 😉

Your today’s health trivia is related to your handwashing. It claims that electric hand-dryers are more healthy. What?! 

SophieHandDryerBacteriaUnfortunately, this is false. Who is the victim? You. Take a good look at these pictures and see how deceived you are.

Some are laughing. Yes, of course it is similar to smoking cigarettes when it used to have TV commercials to sell more without the least consideration for the human body.

That means that after washing your hands to cleanse away germs, electric dryers may just be making them filthy all over again. more

Dancing Germs GIF | GfycatDo you think that electric hand dryers are safe? Think again.

Researchers proved that the human health is scrified for the sake of making money. Why? Because the truth is that no gains whatsoever for you as a human being to use this tool. It is just promoted in order to make money a LOT of money.

You said: “Be brave, manufacturers, and tell the truth. Let the consumer decides for himself/herself whether to smoke or not to smoke and stop all your promotional thread.”

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Until we chat again, think of your best day, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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