March 2023!

Dearest friends, here is your third monthly calendar in the year 2023! Enjoy ;)third Until we chat again, accept our best wishes for your new month, with our hugs and kisses ❤

Sep/Oct 2016 Topics!

Sep/Oct 2016 1Zumba, Octopus 9 Brains? 1Zum, Six Not Sex! 1Zumba, Saxophone Bellies ? 1Zumba, Not Sure! S. Korea, 1Zumba! How Come You Read Me, 1Zumba? Expect The UnExpected, 1Zumba! Come To Me, 1Zumba? 1Zum, Am I Crystal Clear? Entrance 2 Entertainment Industry, 1Z! Happy Adha Days, 1Zumba! Love Moments, 1Z! Beethoven Wasn’t Deaf, 1Z! 1Zumba Or … More Sep/Oct 2016 Topics!

Claimed Heists!

Welcome everyone from everywhere to your new posts! 😉   Oh! Is it time for some movie recommendation? You think so, right. This weekend you can enjoy a series about the most sophisticated and greatest heists in history; this is what is claimed. The main narrator is Pierce Brosnan who is a great actor himself but … More Claimed Heists!

Balloons & Others!

Only by His blessing, you can enjoy food! 😉   Do you think that there is no accidents? Well, there is, but oddly enough the chairwoman of NTSB  announced publicly: “We call it accident; there is no accident” She talked about the Ohio train derailment and that it was preventable but no care put into the … More Balloons & Others!

Jul/Ag 2016 Topics!

Jul/Ag 2016 Ur Guaranteed Pass, 1Zumba! Was’t 1Zumba? 1Zumba+, India! 1Zumba, SJ Escapade! 4Th Of July, 1Zumba! 1Zumba: Warning! Best Beasts 1Zumba! 1Zumba South Africa! Fool Nobody, 1Zumba! High-Blood Pressure Food, 1Z! 1Z! Alcatraz, CA! 1Zumba Cook/er?! Pier 39 Disappearance Trick, 1Z?! 1Zumba Indonesia! 1Zumba! Kidney Food For Bambi, We’ll Vote, 1Zumba! 1Z, Bring Me … More Jul/Ag 2016 Topics!

Where’s She?!

Science is limited to its language, but language is unlimited! 😉   Don’t you think that it is genius to be able to selct the right child to the right role to play on the bigscreen or TV shows? You certainly would admire the little girl who acted Samantha’s daughter in “Bewitched“. Maybe you wondered how … More Where’s She?!

May/Jn 2016 Topics!

May/Jn 2016 1Zumba, Super Supper! Mercedes-Benz? 1Zumba! 1Zumba, It’s a Word 1Zumba, CA! ♡ Happy Birthday Sophie, 1Zumba! Politics, 1Zumba? Why Not! 1Zumba Going Nuts! 1Zumba, Is It Show-Business?! 1B Free of ThugS’ Abuse! 1Zumba? 1Zumba! Mother’s Day’s Here! ♡ Read To Lead, 1Zumba! FaceBook, Fix It For 1ZumbaCircles! 1Zumba, Sex-Machine! 1Zumba Champion in India? … More May/Jn 2016 Topics!

Feel Your Dress!

Dress in a way that makes you feel well! 😉   Looking for new trends in dresses? There’s a lot of new designs but it is fit for different bodies 🙄 Everyday, there is some kind of new fashion but the most prevailing ones are the ones that are worn by real people not by celebrities, … More Feel Your Dress!

Left Behind!

Welcome everyone to your new posts! 😉   For this weekend, it is recommended to watch “Left Behind” 2014. “Left Behind” finds commercial airline pilot Ray Steele (Nicholas Cage) struggling to keep his passengers calm and his plane afloat after the Biblical Rapture … Nicholas Cage is as usual extremely capable of representing the role he plays. It was … More Left Behind!

Mar/ Apr 2016 Topics!

Mar/Apr 2016 1Zumba Targets FocuS 1Zumba! Temp 1Zumba 3 AM 1Zumba 1Zumba Café, TX Seafood or Caviar, 1Zumba? Ur Utmost 1Zumba! 1Zumba Student 1Zumba Tops Our 1St “1Zumba” E-Book 1Zumba Creative Management …, but…1Zumba 1Zumba Marie Antoinette 1Zumba! Miami Takeover? 1Zumba, Smart Play’t Hard 1Zumba, Aim Higher! Work or Free Items Money? 1Zumba, Shush! 1Zumba … More Mar/ Apr 2016 Topics!

Health Trivia⁵!

Cheering up is quite a heavy mission, but it is doable! 😉 There is still a lot to be said. Trivia as if is endless. The one you might like to know about now is: the claim about your toothbrush and that it should be kept covered. A toothbrush cover is a problem because it creates … More Health Trivia⁵!

Jan/Feb 2016 Topics

Jan./Feb. 2016 1Zumba Year 1Zumba Matters [2] 1Zumba Jets 1Zumba Calendar! 1Zumba People Go Go 1Zumba’s Here 1Zumba Cocktail* 1Zumba New? 1Zumba Puzzle 1Zumba Jinni [Re-edited]* 1Zumba Puzzle [Pressed]* 1ZumbaCircles Group on FB 1Zumba Dream* Romance OMG! 1Zumba Garden Cup of 1Zumba* 1Zumba’s Invite 1Zumba Boom* 1Zumba Birds 1Zumba Money 1Zumba Sun 1Zumba by Night … More Jan/Feb 2016 Topics

2015-2016 Topics

Oct 5th, 2015 ⇒ 2016 My1Zumba 1Zumba Superstars Why You Need 1Zumba Wellness Let’s 1Zumba Venting with 1Zumba Bonjour 1Zumba* Happy Healthy 1Zumba 1Zumba! Magic or Miracle? Ageless  1Zumba 1Zumba Wonk 1Zumba Foofaraw Ritzy 1Zumba Angela in 1ZumbaLand* 1Zumba 007 1Zumba Fluke 1Zumba Halloween Hovering Over 1Zumba Exuberance 1Zumba Marvel 1Zumba Fireworks Go Crazy 1Zumba … More 2015-2016 Topics

Driving What?!

Hesitation sometimes serve your goals! 😉 You might be surprised at the idea behind a study made by researchers lately. But why are you surprised if it is related to your health? Most probably you didn’t pay enough attention to it. More specifically, the study is about “Germobile”, which is having a car as a … More Driving What?!

Val. Today!

Be honest with yourself; this is the least you owe yourself! 😉  Valentine is here today.  Everyone, enjoy! Exchanging gifts: flowers, or anything that would express appreciation and love in Val. Day is a custom. Until we talk again, appreciation and love heal your mood or read more, with our hugs and kisses ❤  


Sunny, it was yesterday, but today, it is shy! 😉 There has been a story related to the famous actor, Brendan Fraser (The Mummy)  He passed an important message to the public during his last appearance in Oscar Nomination occasion. Do you think anyone paid a close attention to what he said?? You’ll hear about … More Umbrellas!

Health Trivia⁴?!

Everyday you have new tasks, can you keep up with all of them?! 😉 Your today’s health trivia is related to your mouth. What about it?  Unfortunately, it is true that your mouth has an unbelievable number of bacteria: some are good and some are bad (25). Some are laughing. Yes, of course it is … More Health Trivia⁴?!

Poker Face!

Welcome back to your posts! 😉   For this weekend, it is recommended to watch “Poker Face”: A tech billionaire gathers his friends at his home for a high-stakes poker game. Things go awry when his mansion is invaded by a dangerous killer. More Russel Crow is not only an actor in this movie but also … More Poker Face!

Real Gratitude!

You do your best to see a smile on their faces! 😉 Do you think you owe your parents anything? A tough question considering the attack that adult children hold against their parents with all the excuses in the world (maybe supported by some invalid literature) to justify distancing. Due to the sensetivity of this … More Real Gratitude!

Fear Free!

In your heart, you seek relaxation and peace! 😉 Is this the only way to enjoy anything around you? Perhaps, just having peace of mind will let you enjoy things more. Do you think it is true? Being free of burdens or responsibilities, could it really make you happier and more friendly? Take a deep … More Fear Free!

Nails 2023!

The best will come to you, trust your Creator! 😉 Nails are very important for you, but especially for ladies who appear in Media. Standing in front of a camera has been a good reason for taking good care of your nails. You might say that this is a personal matter. Sure, it is but … More Nails 2023!