Your Sense of Humor²!

You regret being motherless or fatherless after they passed away, it’s too late! 😉

SophieSense of HumorIt is a continuation for a field that is still under exploring. You know a little about it the way you know about your own body: it is your sense of humor.

Another example:

I used to be this charismatic, fun loving, fu …..more

In this subject, another substantial element is the source of the humor. Sources of humor are abundant. Some are quite funny for certain people including children, and some are not.

clownsHow many times have you seen a child crying when seeing a clown? Maybe a few. And how many times have you seen children laughing and excited about a clown? Must be numerous, right?

Adults are the same: there are things that might produce a sense of humor or not. Don’t you sometimes feel that you didn’t get the joke a comedian presented? Sometimes, it is just the way the presenter is using might block your laughter.

Because sense of humor is related to laughter and laughter is related to culture, background, and/or experience, it is such a huge area to understand.

Culturally-speaking, some people are raised up not to accept making fun of others as a joke. For example, if a joke is making fun of parents or siblings, they will not laugh or consider that a part of sense of humor; on the contrary, they will feel insulted.

Where’s your sense of humor has gone? Where’s the American greats’ sense of humor? …. Wait a minute. What is the sense of humor?

[To Be Continued]

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