Health Trivia⁵!

Cheering up is quite a heavy mission, but it is doable! 😉

There is still a lot to be said. Trivia as if is endless. The one you might like to know about now is: the claim about your toothbrush and that it should be kept covered.

Teeth Loss Cartoons and Comics - funny pictures from CartoonStockA toothbrush cover is a problem because it creates a dark, moist environment for optimum bacterial growth. A toothbrush cover doesn’t allow your toothbrush to dry out, and thus it becomes a breeding ground for germs. more

It is completely the opposite: your brush should be staying uncovered, wrapped, or put in a box while not used.

Once you started using your toothbrush, it is important to care for its cleanliness and not being exposed to a closed area where bacteria can grow very fast and eventually can harm your mouth by its newly developed germs.

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[To Be Continued]

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