April 2023!

Dearest friends, here is your fourth monthly calendar in the year 2023! Enjoy 😉 Until we chat again, accept our best wishes for your new month, with our hugs and kisses ❤

30 Billion Suns!

Say: Nothing is in my hands, good or bad, it’s my Creator who does what he wants! This is just amazing. One time or more, some posts included plants and the language they speak. Do you remember how you felt about it, when you read it? Half believing, or totally in? Many research were done … More 30 Billion Suns!

Mar/ Apr 2019 Topics!

Mar/Apr 2019 Thanks for spending part of your day with us, we appreciate it dear friends 😉 Great Step!  (3/1/2019 Clear Vision! Without Talk! Dangerous?! Dangerous! $700, (Trillions)?!  Protect Country!      What’s Going on? Gourmet! Crisis! Married to The US! With Trump, Your’re Engaged! No Global Warming! CA/US Illegal Invasion! Republicans, Where’re You? Idiots?! … More Mar/ Apr 2019 Topics!

Scam Craft!

FDIC Faces $23 Billion in Costs From Bank Failures. It Wants Big Lenders to Pay! I bet you wouldn’t let this scam to get to you although many others out of curiosity did stumbled through that one. You’ll receive an email to your primary box showing the following: You may think, what? Did I miss … More Scam Craft!

Jan/Feb 2019 Topics!

Jan/Feb 2019 Countdown Live 2019! Still Counting Down! 🔐🔒 Unlock The Lock! 🔐🔓 New Year’s Movie! Always! 5?! 😦😒😩😞😧 Hopes! Why Loans? Candles! On The Edge! Tattoos! Deepest Living! Netflix Conspiracy! To The Point! Loan! Stupendous! Entertainment Views! Muzzy? “A Funny Thing …” Real Comedy! Ice-Dancing? “A Funny Thing …”² Walling, Housing, & Gas! Diamonds! … More Jan/Feb 2019 Topics!


It is said that over sixty million viewers watch “Fire Country” episodes, it must be really good! From the promo pictures, it sure has a lot of fire involved 🙂 Have you ever tried to apply for your passport? Maybe not you, maybe you don’t like to travel, but there are some who really like … More Stunned!

Nov/Dec 2018 Topics!

Nov/Dec 2018 No.1?! From Netherlands & Thailand! Your Food! Movie 27! Trip Time? Comments! Insecure? Prayer & Shy! Prayers & Discipline! Who Pays What? Greet Veterans! List Alphabetically² Have Fun! Ready for Your Picture? May Be Fun! Explored Colors! Explore Colors! 7000 SuperStars! You’re Next! Movies’ Sickness! Happened in Apt.4C??! Eyelids! Your Eyelids! Wow! Borders … More Nov/Dec 2018 Topics!

She Did!

Twenty billion dollars are not enough revenue for one tech company, its employees are laid off and maybe it is gonna be sold again soon. You almost forgot what You’v seen in downtown Oakland, CA. Isn’t it amazing to see a young woman stop her vehicle in order to help an African American old man … More She Did!

Chocolate Factory!

What does it mean to make a lot of money? For you, it might mean $1000 but for someone else it might be interpreted into $1,000.000. It all depends. During a “Shark Tank” episode, one of the hosts said that s/he would not be able to feel excited about an offer unless he got 55% … More Chocolate Factory!

Sep/Oct 2018 Topics!

Sep/Oct 2018 Sharing is such a good idea. It eventually gives you a relief. Quiz Show! Drones’ Problems! Banks! From Poland! Recruitment Laughs! The Lighter! Employees vs. Entrepreneurs! She! From Russia! Your Hands! Pluto vs. Hatchi?! From Canada! Spinach Carota! From Singapore! Leaders! A Song! Your Belly-Button! From the UK! Tennis Solution! Sunglasses! Flying Hoverboard? … More Sep/Oct 2018 Topics!

DMV & Homeless!

Like other things you forget to think about: Have you ever thought of how much money the DMV collects from residents/visitors every year? Is it in Billions? Yea…ss, it is. Then why did they charge ironically higher fees for 2023? Maybe this revenue is for helping the homeless, similar to Santa Clara County which acted … More DMV & Homeless!

Jul/Ag 2018 Topics!

Jul/Ag 2018 ASAP! The Academy! 1Zumba Disney! 4th Happy! Loud! Crush it! What Should You Do? Laugh! A Vacation? Everyday! 1Zumba Boom! Over-The-Phone, 1Zumba! A Letter? A Paradox? 1Zumba + / – Managers! Empower! Empower²! Managers, Lead! Cocktail? Arrested Psychologists? Fresh! Potion for Wings? Extend Your Lifespan! Natural Nails! Your Ideas! Dancing Fitness! Explore! Retail! … More Jul/Ag 2018 Topics!


Guess how much it will cost you to join them? Only $ 33,000/ year; times three, it could be $99,000, unbelievable life cruise before taxes ! What do you do during this weekend? Are you acting like the rest of us? Taking care of your place? Calling missed calls? Going out for a walk or a … More Life-Cruise!

May/Jn 2018 Topics!

May/Jn 2018 Here! The Piano! Denuclearization?! Slaves of SmarmPhones! Your Fit Feet!² Family! Your Tongue! Campfire Dining! A Ship? Birthday Cake! Torment of Success! Cell-Phones? Adventurous? Secrets.gov! Ice-Cream! Drugs! Magic? Magic²? Magic³? Mamas! ♥♥♥♥♥ Real Magic? Unpaid 30! Movies²! Change! Know Love! My Own Queen! Fashion? Everything! Dentists? Magic⁴? Magic⁴? ؜‏Sophie¹؜‏⁰؜‏⁰؜‏⁰ Stories! Milk! Jeans! Your … More May/Jn 2018 Topics!


Is it really a problem to train yourself to reply to your important mail or email in a reasonable time? Yes, it is. Why? First Happy Ramadan for everyone celebrates it. It has become a major issue to catch up with all the received mail or email. The mail is dated Jan 2023 and you … More E/Mails!

Mar/ Apr 2018 Topics!

Mar/Apr 2018 Water! Accent Again? Onions’ Weight Loss! Roasted Veg. Weekend-Special? True Beauty! Secrets! Ah! My 1Zumba! (Update) A Case against Gas Prices! Your Life Matters! Strategic vs. Tactical Ultimate Options! You! Lady G! Fear! Tips! Money Tricks! Students’ Power! Eyes! Your Crossword & Technology! Poogweese! Pilot Meals! Diamonds vs. Gold? Movies’ Ups! Others! Evil Cinderella? … More Mar/ Apr 2018 Topics!

Goof-Off Day!

Ask yourself if your Creator is happy with you? 😉 Forget about the money today bc it is “National Goof-Off  Day” in which you’re supposed to be relaxing and enjoying yourself. National Goof Off Day on March 22nd each year gives everyone the opportunity to have a little extra fun. The day is also known … More Goof-Off Day!

Jan/Feb 2018 Topics

Jan./Feb. 2018 Happy 2018! Drone! Time Bomb? New Invention! Relationship Doubts! Mercedes, Ford, or Buick? A Pioneering Mechanic! Marina Sands! Really Plants Speak?! Underwater City! Auto-Service Flapping South Africa! Space City! Your Weight Management! Treasure Caves! Sweden Piece! Weight Management²! Bart Discrimination Policy! Gun vs Knife! Your Nails! Inappropriate! OMG! Credit Cards! Coming Soon! Soap-Free! … More Jan/Feb 2018 Topics

More Lays Off!

Start your trip; every day is a new trip! 😉 Is it possible or impossible? You’re talking about if it is possible or not to put these employees back to their desks? Over $ 514 billions in revenue, what more this company want? Firing workers while they are making an unbelievable revenue? Is there any … More More Lays Off!

Ex Doortag!

Nothing is in your hands, just do your best! 😉 Did it happen to you too? Do you think that they want to have more profits at your expense? Why large businesses are so greedy like this? Their revenue surpass the 22 billions of dollars? The other day, you found a something called “doortag” stuck … More Ex Doortag!

Nov/Dec 2017 Topics!

Nov/Dec 2017 2017! 60-D Plan! Beauty¹¹ Hunting Skills! Pepsi- The Flavor of Fun! 1st Picture! Holidays Donations for Homeless 2nd Picture! Relationships! Save Employees! 3rd Picture! Thank You Veterans! In Love?! Your Shoes! Your Shoes² Reading! Flowers! Snivel?! You Astronaut? Mind Spar! Deep Watch! DAV, Thank YOU! Holidays Visits! Yawning with Thanksgiving! New Invention! Being … More Nov/Dec 2017 Topics!

Claimed Heists²!

Welcome everyone from everywhere to your new posts! 😉  Oh! After watching five of these greatest heist with Brosnan, do you like it? Two new episodes one of them no. 6 is about the Museum of Natural History and this location in New York. It took place in the 60s. This team was all youth … More Claimed Heists²!

Sep/Oct 2017 Topics!

Sep/Oct 2017 Sharing is such a good idea. It gives you a relief eventually. Agape SuperStars! Best in Feasts! Far Worthy! Transgenic Tomatoes! That’s it: Free TV for All! No Go! Why Not? Entertainment Gigantic! Temporizing! The Better You! Red Windmill? Thanks Internet! Active Shooting! Active Shooting²! Miranda? Jury Duty? Hawaiian Lava! Back to Common … More Sep/Oct 2017 Topics!

Jul/Ag 2017 Topics!

Jul/Ag 2017 Fine People! This Goes For Both! Italy’s SuperStar Marco! Perhaps! She Did Not! Pregnancy & Weight Gain! A Joke! You Tell Me! I’m Not Sure Yet! No Home is Home! Reticent Humans! Inside of You! Fair & Square? Paul: Georgia SuperStar Best in Feasts! Far Worthy! Transgenic Tomatoes! That’s it: Free TV for … More Jul/Ag 2017 Topics!


Is blaming others a solution?! 😉   Because everything is now going on very quickly, people don’t have a break of intensive events a day after day. The top of the trending news though is about France and the flaming riots taking place there for the retirement age increased without the approval of the people. Do … More Flaming!

Blob Warning!

Only promise what you can deliver! 😉   How fast is it? When would it be landing on you shores? Is there a reason for panicking over that huge in size blob? How could it appear all of a sudden? Is there any scientific indication to not to use the beaches for a certain period of … More Blob Warning!

May/Jn 2017 Topics!

May/Jn 2017 Not A Fan Of The Fan! Under The Sun! Schmoozing! Good Teachers! Computers But… Soon Solar Computers! Zelda Denied? Face It! Scorpions Eaters! Re-Charging! 1Zumba SuperStar Bollybeats! Certain Way! Your Mother’s Day! New Jersey SuperStar! Kids’ Opinion Was It Courage? Mwessa & Orphans Classes Or Life? Pls. Ask “Why?” “On” Or “Off”? The … More May/Jn 2017 Topics!

He Promised!

Just to be given this life, you are blessed! 😉   Are you one of these? Why breaking it? It is taken very seriously by many others who might tell you not to do this. You need to know that that is so disappointing. You promised to do something for someone, whatever what you promised, it … More He Promised!

Jan/Feb 2017 Topics

Jan./Feb. 2017 New Year 2017, 1Zumba! More 2 Confess! 1Zumba? When It’s Not My Day, …1Zumba! Guys Prefer’m Crazy, 1Zumba! 1Zumba Big Eyes! 1Zumba’s Invitation to Bloggers/Writers Serbia SuperStar, 1Zumba! Judge Judy, 1Zumba! 50 Shades, 1Zumba! Libraries’ World, 1Zumba! Nails Nails, 1Zumba! Kick Off, 1Zumba! Awaiting A Pith, 1Zumba! Organs Suspicious-Minds, 1Z Cogency, 1Zumba! Aim … More Jan/Feb 2017 Topics

New Movies!

Thank you for having us as a part of your day! ♠Welcome back friends from the US, the UK, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Ireland, Canada, India, Finland, Netherland, Spain, Pakistan, China, and all! It is  a weekend, but this time your recommended movie will be a whole channel, that keeps bringing the best family movies. This … More New Movies!

Nice Commercials!

♣ Welcome back friends from the US, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Ireland, Canada, India, Finland, Netherland, Spain, the UK, Pakistan, China, and all! It is a sweet surprise to see this TV commercial. It is elegant, brief , and to the point. You must have been talking about the Air France TV commercial presented in 2022 … More Nice Commercials!


♣ Welcome back friends from the US, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Ireland, Canada, India, Finland, Netherland, Spain, the UK, China, and all! You will be surprised of the number of the new free streaming channels that are born every single day in a race to become bigger and make a lot of money, but the truth … More Disturbing!

Python & Whales!

♣ Welcome back friends from the US, Taiwan, Ireland, Canada, India, Finland, Netherland, Spain, the UK, and all! You need to know about this: Hundreds of dead whales have washed up on the Atlantic coast of the US since 2017, including the critically endange ….. This is a new phenomenon that is taking place now at … More Python & Whales!


Your health comes number one! ♣ Thank you for being here friends from the US and Finland! One of the trending news that you wanted to give a comment for was the award that was given to Brandon Fraser in his role in the movie “The Whale”. His speech when receiving his award brought tears … More Life²!

Tulip’s Day!

Thank you friends from the US, Canada, and Japan! Your Creator owns all skies and all lands, softly managing these unlimited globes, can you even imagine this?! Today it is Tulip’s Day. “This Saturday, March 4, 2023, American Tulip Day is returning to San Francisco. “Union Square Plaza will be transformed by 80,000 American-grown tu …. … More Tulip’s Day!

Nov/Dec 2016 Topics!

Nov/Dec 2016 1Zumba, I’m a Hooker Too! Bring It Up, 1ZumbaBaby! 1Zumba, Rules DON’T Apply! Tatjana, 1Zumba Croatia! Roll Up-Sleeves-Hands-Dirty 1Zum! 1Zumba, Let Me Grab An Apple! Last Bet, 1Zumba! Embarrassing, Not The Light Painting, 1Z! 2016 US President, Congrats! 1Z Your Competition, 1Zumba! Angela’s Fire-Dancing, 1Zumba! 1Zumba Dolly! You’re Missing the Point, 1Zumba! On … More Nov/Dec 2016 Topics!