Your health comes number one! ♣ Thank you for being here friends from the US and Finland!

One of the trending news that you wanted to give a comment for was the award that was given to Brandon Fraser in his role in the movie “The Whale”. His speech when receiving his award brought tears to the eyes of plenty. See for yourself:

Do you remember that actor who was full of energy and extremely active in “The MummY” 1999 and all other movies he performed?

This is life full of the good and the bad, and you need to accept it just to float and breathe. Make it your entertainment for this weekend, and you wouldn’t regret it. He had a list of successful movies over the years.

Trending News:
. Ohio, a second train to be derailed but no fire this time Thank your Creator
. The burden of homelessness in Seattle, WA; can they be fast enough to save souls from dying of coldness?
. Seattle laid off workers, tech companies seem to be leaving Seattle and going somewhere else or shutting down completely. 
. Hush hush about Disney fatal accidents

Until we chat again, get your inspiration everyday, with our hugs, & kisses

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