Baldwin (Cont.)²!

Fair or something else?!

Do you like Baldwin? Yes. Many people are exactly like you. He is a well-known actor. He is funny and smart, but did you believe that he would spend time in prison for killing that soul?  How about his lawyers?

AlecNo! So you did see it! You, for some reason, in your heart, felt that it would not happen. It would not happen to let Alec spend time for what he did, maybe for one thing which was that he did not put the real bullets inside that gun, as he claimed.

However, you might think what about the soul that was taken away from your world? How about the duty of making sure that the gun did not have real bullets?

Pulling the triger without paying attention for what kind of ammunition is used and whether it was fake or real, should be part of the actor’s responsibility; especially when too many similar accidents took place in the movies and in the real world.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t like Baldwin but you also like fairness. There has to be some consequences for the wrong shooting. The world lost one soul, and every soul has only one chance of living in your world, and should be protected and respected.

Until we chat again, always expect the truth to pop up, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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