For Art Reasons³⁶!

Every tree has its residents! 😉  

SophieMoon♠ Welcome back friends from the US, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Spain, the UK, Mexico, Ukraine, India, Finland, Cameroon, Hungary, Sri Lanka, Italy, Bangladesh, Netherlands, South Korea, Nigeria, Greece, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Ireland, Canada,   Pakistan, Russia, China, South Africa, and all!

The more the merrier! Is it true? Do you need more people in your life? Are you one of those misrable people who feel lonely and embarrassed to ask for help or try to make new friends? Life is good, our friend. Be open but cautious, that is all it takes. 

Thanks for every new idea you send to us, we greatly appreciate your engagement 🙂 Finding a new good movie is a bit hard these days, isn’t it? But the stories in the news are plenty never ending 🙄

Trending News:

.  Sudan evacuation operations by the US.
. Disney shamful action on the part of one of its employees:

Vega was caught after a witness reported catching him in the act. After being arrested, Vega admitted to the crimes, saying he had engaged in this activity for around six years.

. Once upon a time, it was easy to know if you see a man or a woman 😆

In the meantime, new art pieces by good artists are doing great, what do you think of the above moon picture?

Until we chat again, be here be near be inspired, with our hugs and kisses


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