Balloons Mystery!

Only He can heal you when He wants! šŸ˜‰Ā Ā  Balloons are nice, don’t you think so? Especially when they come from the no-where and start floating and floating. Oh! Isn’t that funny? (NewsNation) ā€” The U.S. governmentĀ is trackingĀ another unmannedĀ balloonĀ that was spotted Friday flying over Hawaii, officials said. No action was taken against the balloon because … More Balloons Mystery!

Jn 2021 Topics!

June 2021 Thanks for having us in your weekend, we appreciate it dear friends šŸ˜‰ New Movies 2021! Inventors! Summer School! The Tree & The Reed! Test Your Eyes! Researchers! Scientists! Beaches! Forests! Bathrooms! In Your 40s?! Think! Rivers! Heat Solution! Hint of Love! Perry Mason! Heat Wheel! The Best Day! Tuesday Class! Class-Analysis! Street-Performance! … More Jn 2021 Topics!