Legal Question!

Law has been always good to the truth! You are looking for an answer about what to do regarding how to deal with a bad-faith auto-insurance company situation, where the accident took place in a state where you didn’t live, and the company denied you all coverage cheating and wanting not to pay you for … More Legal Question!


♣ Welcome back friends from everywhere! Have you seen that guy making Dunkin commercials on TV- Ben Affleck. a real baddy one. He has a good name up till now but now, he is hurting his name, what do you think? Commercials are either great or terrible. Only? Or they are moderate not good or … More Commercials!

Ag 2021 Topics!

Ag 2021 Thanks for having us in your weekend, we appreciate it dear friends 😉 Phase 3! Phase 3²! Graffiti?! Complaint against  Phase 4! Fire Brutality! EBT, Really?! Phase 5! Phase 6! Phase 6²! Landscape! Phase 7! Phase 7²! Smoke Continues! Your Water Bottle! Phase 7³! Final Phase 7! Farmers’ Market! Bring Back Cheerfulness to … More Ag 2021 Topics!