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Remember it’s the first moment of your New Year when you should thank your Creator from your heart. It will take you one single moment, but you will gain a lot.











































































































Justice is a sacred word. Your Creator expressed in many verses in all books that He want you to do justice or otherwise you’ll be committing a huge sin.Frame101


Time after time you do not know what will be next in your life, but most of the time when you are in hardship, you look up to the sky asking your Creator for help. He always answer you but do you always thank Him?Frame100


To be compassionate and considering with the orphans is a good trait. And when you are a conservator over an orphan, you need to be careful not to mix his/her money with yours. It’s unethical to do that. When the orphan reaches the legal age, you need to be honest and give back everything that belongs to him/her.Frame118


You have a mission in life. Whether you know it or not, it’s irrelevant. You need to live fairly and defend yourself. To get along with others and to endure everything you go through in your life.Frame117


Sometimes you think that you’re smarter than all others and you neglect this or that, and in your own little mind, you thought nobody would know or see what you’re doing. It’s not true. You are watched and your Creator will have you accountable for any bad deed you commit.Frame116


Your reward will come to you in life and after life. Your good deeds will not be wasted. Every good you do, it pays back so just think positively aiming for the right thing to do and lean on your Creator.Frame115


Believing in a punishment is hard to imagine since the Creator knew what you were going to do, but still you act on options that were cleared to you so it was your choice nobody else’s choice. Anything you do has consequences.



Some do not believe in having any Creator. You wouldn’t understand how they think since their logic doesn’t make any sense. When things didn’t make any sense to you, it’s hard to be convinced. It’s your choice.



Ask your Creator for help and thank Him in your prayers. You do not need an appointment He can hear you any time any where.Frame112


Life has too many secrets. You understand that you will not solve all its puzzles. The secret of enjoyment is to embrace what comes to you and accept your Destiney.Frame111


You have a great life but there are threads of thoughts that can spoil every moment for you. Bad thoughts and negativity can bring you concern and anxiety while if you are content, all pleasant matters will find a way to come to you.Frame110


Nature can talk to you if you know its language. Science tells you that there is a language for plants, and that you can talk to a plant and that it might answer you in its language. Could this be true?Frame109


Another great day. A bit warm but still enjoyable. The Weather News expects that tomorrow will be a bit warmer than today. Just be ready for drinking a lot of water.Frame108


When there is love, there is prosperity. Love can bring all the good qualities in you. It’s a bit tricky to like everything and accept everyone but it’s the key so work on it.Frame107


Your Creator is the Most Merciful and never ask for anything in return except to be good or try to be good to the best you can.Frame106


It’s strange that people are fighting over worldly things that will never last forever and totally forget that sooner or later they are leaving this world.Frame105


Living forever is a wish for many but it can’t be done, may be it can’t be granted and certainly for a good reason: the secrecy of life may be. You and I clearly can’t think of the unknown but we know that death will come to everyone.Frame104


Fill your heart with love. It’s hard to do for life wouldn’t let you see everything the way it should be. It takes effort on your part trying to accept and love your world. the unseen is made unseen for protecting you. You’ve been treated fairly but you can’t see it. Frame103


Thank You, The Creator, for everything we have and everything we were saved from. Keep watching over us and our families.Frame102


You would not understand plenty of things around you; therefore, sometimes you don’t appreciate them the way it should be. Later on in life, you would learn your lesson and you’ll see how you failed to appreciate some of your most precious moments that will never come back again.Frame101


Busy summer day as most of Mondays are, staying home or going to work and have all new memories and incidents. Remember Him always for your Creator is watching.Frame100


Sunny great weather thank your Creator for everything.Frame99


A lot of uncertainty in the air. All you have to do is to embrace and try to understand but do not expect to be able to.Frame98


Everyday, it’s a new day in your life with all the expected and unexpected events. You can’t pick and choose. You have to embrace contently and thank your Creator.Frame97


As  dusty as it is today, it still requires your thanks for the Creator. Remember there’s far worse situations in your world. Be grateful for what you have always.Frame96


You keep planning a lot of things, thinking and thinking for hours but only the things that your Creator approve of will happen to you. Say thank you for anything you get.Frame95


Your Creator is so generous with you. He listen to your prayers any time and He can save you and reward like no other.Frame9410/5/2020

Many of you are busy with the Corona Virus issues trying to protect themselves and their families, which is good to do, but at the same time think of the possibility of having it as a test for your beliefs, and thank your Creator and ask for forgiveness.Frame93


Hello Autumn. Today it is all Autumn where it is just telling you to get ready for Winter. A bit windy but there is a good breeze. Thank your Creator for all weather.Frame92


What do you think of going an assessment without knowing what exactly the criteria for correction is?Frame91


The news is tiring and rarely good. The tones of the reports are sharp and intimidating as if they are going to fight. Is this how they are trained to do their jobs? Who knows?Frame90


Leaning on your Creator sounds unreasonable for some people but if you thought about it, you’d find it is only He whom you can speak to any time without an appointment.Frame89


Good day bad day this is your opinion but thank your Creator and lean on Him.Fram88


Mercifulness is a good judgement. If you can apply it which is quite hard may be due to the human nature, you would be quite relieved.Frame87)


Everyday in your life is a great day. You should be celebrating your life going places seeing people talking to them enjoying the splendid nature out there.Frame86


It is Ok to say “No” when you are not convinced of the good your action would do. When there is hesitation, there’s doubt in your mind about things so if you refuse doing something that you are not sure of its outcome, it is better than accepting and then regret that acceptance.Frame85


It is hard to understand everything around you. It is tough to know so limited knowledge about what is going on in your vast universe, but everything is for a reason. Just be thankful and appreciate it all.Frame84


Great morning! You are thankful to your Creator but how often do you say that? Make the time or shall we say make the moment that would give you a chance to say Thank YOU our Creator for everything YOU give.Frame83


Good days are coming! Trust your Creator and seek His love.Frame82


It’s a great day. The sky is bright blue and the sun is fantastically shown up and there’s a new hope for a stable life.Frame81


There are things that you don’t have a say in it. Plenty, right? It’s the nature of human lives. You can’t say when to arrive to Earth or when to depart.Frame80


Uncertainty, a lot of it is out there where you are puzzled of what is going on around you. You know longer understand the weather or the diseases which started spreading among your folks. It is scary and the reason of fear is death.Frame79


Can you believe it? Someone was asked about his dead neighbors in the wildfire and instead of sharing and caring for his neighbors, he talked about his cats. He said four of them went missing. It was weird. Care for other human being during the hard times is expected.Frame78


You are going to be always afraid of death. It might be the same for all creatures not only humans. Losing life is something terrible the way you and others see it, but only your Creator know the reason behind it.Frame77


There are things that can not be postponed. The most important one of them is saying Thank you for your Creator. In your life, you have priorities that you do not appreciate when you’re young but once you’re mature you should should be able to see better.Frame76


Keep your eyes on the skies and see how dark it is out there. Think about it and ask yourself: “Did I thank my Creator today? Did I approach The Creator and ask for His help?”Frame75


Hazy smoky sky when you walk the streets you’ ll find the lights are on so that you can imagine how dark the sky is. Just ask for your Creator’s forgiveness and leave everything for Him to act for your best.Frame74


You need far more thanks than what you do. Look at your sky and see how the smoke is covering it. Try to please your Creator and saying thanks wouldn’t add anything to your daily living. This is the least you can do.Frame73


It is said that it was a fire season, is it? The fireman said that there was no longer a specific  season for fire breakout. More is needed to be done. Planning could be one very important factor. Power shut off is scheduled. Keep praying, asking for forgiveness, and thanking your Creator.Frame72


Why does the world is suffering from angry people? Dissatisfaction and inequality is the main axis for all of that. Instead they should be thankful for what they have.Frame71


The heat is a public records with almost 2000 homes are gone. The Creator is capable of saving you, just ask and thank.Frame70


Each part of your body is a miracle. Take a close look and contemplate. There are things that you do not understand in your own body. How about that?Frame69


The weather is quite unpredictable nowadays. Many fires in the forest areas. Pray your Creator to save people form that plight.Frame68


Always ask for forgiveness and let your Creator help you coz He is your only source for the real help.Frame67


Ask your Creator and He will answer!Frame66


You will continue to be in a puzzle until the day you depart to somewhere else, and most probably you wouldn’t know it.Frame65


It hurts to feel injustice. But be realistic. There will be always some kind of injustice towards you or others coz this is life, and no human is perfect. Only you Creator is and you should be thankful for this.Frame64


Sometimes the ability of not being able to concentrate is due to the too many subjects you have in your mind. It’s coming to you a thread after the other. Try to take a break and do not overwhelm yourself. Be gentle to yourself.Frame63


Positive thinking usually leads to doing the good and refrain from doing the wrong. Negative thoughts, on the other hand, can destroy your life and develop some poisonous ideas in you and let you act badly. At times, if you didn’t think before acting you might go in wrong direction.Frame62


One of the blessings that you were given is forgetting about death. Humans fear death with some cases of exceptions. Can you imagine if you remember this fact every moment of your life. It can change you a lot.Frame61


Life is changeable all the time. Today it is good and a little bit of breeze. Tomorrow you do not know even if the weather forecast said you do coz the reality is that it is not always  successful speculations but they try their best.
Be generous with others. Give whenever you can. Wildfires ate the homes of too many people, find something nice you have and give it away to any of them and thank your Creator that you and your family are well.


Your senses are limited in their capacities. You are not supposed to hear everything or see everything, so are all other creatures. None of them is given an absolute ability, can you see the wisdom in this? Then, surrender!Frame59


Running out of patience? Why? Take a deep breath and imagine yourself as a tiny bird flying freely in the sky and that you have only few days then you’ll leave this world b/c this is the life cycle that is given to you and you can’t argue with that.Frame58


You’re thinking what should I do next, but it is already there all planned just waiting for its turn to come to your mind. Then you think that you were the one who thought about it, weren’t you?Frame57


Your Creator gave you a body that works for you 24/7 nonstop, have you seen something so fascinating as this?Frame56


When the Creator is pleased of your deeds, every bite you have tastes better everywhere you go you feel happy satisfied coz you’re blessed.Frame55


In light, you can see everything better but still your vision is limited; you can hardly see people if you’re in an airplane, can you? You’re capable only of certain things within a very specific capacity.Frame54


By now you should have noticed all the global signs that emphasize the existence of a Creator. Your world could not have been set up by itself. The dynamics and the timing is unparalleled; it couldn’t have happened by itself.Frame53


Humble yourself and remember you do not own your body, you are only maintaining it. Since you can not control it, so you do not own it, remember that.Frame52


Wild fires are still going on in CA. Six people were lost to fire. We pray for their families for their loss. We pray that the Creator would help us overcome this calamity and bring back peace among all.Frame51


It’s important for some people to write down their thoughts as quickly as possible coz sometimes there’s a wisdom and creativity that could disappear later on if they waited. Frame50


Were you thankful enough for having a good weather keeping you safe of dreadful occurrences? If you were that is good for you and for your family too, but if you weren’t, go ahead and save yourself along with your family.Frame49


Today it is cloudy with smokes not normal weather clouds all around the Northern counties of CA. The reason is the wild fire that were burst out of the excessive heat wave that hit CA earlier this week.Frame48


Everyday a new day never the same like the one before or the one after. It is how life is and you are just a tiny entity attached to Earth until the day you go somewhere else unknown to all.Frame47


Why imposing things on people? Now the margin formatting is no longer there and pressing the Classic icon did not take us anywhere.Frame46


If we are happy with our editor why do we need to change it? Life is changeable all the time.Frame45


The lightening has been going on almost the whole night and part of the morning. It is certainly rare to have rains in August but it is all good.frame44


Your plans are not always your plans, and your days are not always your days. There is a higher will and destiny.frame43


The heat is taking over CA today, it’s getting scary. Perhaps you should thank the Creator for everything and ask for less temperature 🙂frame42


You need to focus on how to organize your time so you can have good decisions in your life matters.frame41


When you do what is reasonably right, it’s better than ignoring an issue. Take notes to remind you of things need to be done on time.frame40


Thank the Creator for everything you have before it is too late. Thank your Creator for the family you have for the home you live in for the flowers that smell good to you for the food that tastes good in your mouth for the good night sleep you have for all the lovely things that are surrounding you.frame39


You can do things in a way that you would enjoy them or you can do things like a robot without any enjoyment, just doing the job. It’s all up to you.frame38


Today is your day or today is not your day, it all depends on how you see it. You would see it clear the more mature you are.frame37


Everyday brings you a new hope. A new hope in life. A new hope in family. A new hope for work. You never know. Just be happy of what is brought to you.frame36


You can see only one handle of the bag which has actually two if you looked at it from a certain angle.frame35


Days run fast. You were in January a little bit ago, now it’s August. This will keep recurring your whole life. A day will pass a month will disappear a year you can’t even remember what you did then. It’s life. Just embrace it and be generous with yourself; if you aren’t nobody else will be.frame34


You might be thinking of money and your bills. It’s important to plan things ahead of time as your culture dictate on you, but there are times when you should completely forget about money or financial issues. There are times you should contemplate and feel the beauty of everything around you.frame33


You might be having tears in your eyes when you are in a situation where you need to leave your home due to financial issues that you couldn’t solve. You would beg for an extension or so another human being. If you at that moment remember your size compared to the whole wonderful universe. If you remember that there is a Creator for this Earth who will help you if you just ask and thank.frame32


Great to be given a new day with a new hope. When you’re blesses, you can see the good side of everything around you and you would taste the best in everything you drink or eat. Thank your Creator for that. frame31


Getting angry sometimes is good when you use its energy in achievement. Many do not know that but it is true. Anger has an energy that you can utilize and use wisely.


There will be moments when you dont know what to do. It’s not only you, it happens to everyone to all human beings. You are limited creature, you can’t see everything, you can’t do everything and you can’t argue with that. Be patient, this is your only help.



Hard times are for testing your patience, so be patient even if it seems unclear to you.frame28


You would be surprised when you know that some people do not believe that everything happens for a reason. And that’s ok. Some could be different in opinion with you. It doesn’t mean that you should alienate them. You should respect others’ opinion so that they would respect yours.frame27


Another new day and it’s the first day of the month, do you think it would be similar to last year’s first day of August? You don’t think so. You’re right.frame26


Everyday is a new day. It never repeats itself again coz it can’t. It doesn’t have the control over time or moves exactly the way you are with your body, you don’t have a control. What would this tell you?frame25


You struggle to heal up from your sickness and when you see the light, you forget all your troubles and you forget to say thank you for your saver. Say it now for your your Creator before it’s too late.frame24


When you feel you’re dying, everything around you changes. But when you are at rest and full of energy, your vision completely turn into another path. It’s a blessing to forget that you’ll die but it’s wise to keep reminding yourself.frame23


You apply for a job and you wait for someone to call but nobody calls. It seems that all doors are closed. No it isn’t just ask your Creator and the doors will be unlocked.frame22


You run after people to help you and you thank them while you forget to thank your Creator who gave you a whole heavenly system that works for you 24/7. What an idiot!frame21


Your hands are full and you do not find the time to help your family. You better do coz there will be a time when you need their help. Give it forward so it would come back to you.frame20


Your kids are now adults and they do not ask about you any more. No big deal, try to keep yourself busy until they reach the age of wisdom which is not related to any given age 🙂frame19


Long way to go. May be or maybe not, you’ll never know. Just trust your Creator and the options you have. It is meant to be the best fit for you.frame18


It’s a long way to go, that is what you think, but in reality it is not. Just let the stars tell you this.frame17


Life gives you uncertainty in many things but still you like to live it. The only thing you need to do is to thank and to think.frame16


someone asked if there was less faith in the world compared to how it was in the past. It’s hard to agree or disagree coz faith is in the hearts and you can’t see inside the hearts, can youframe15


When you look from your window and see the trees and the birds and how they live in homogeneity, you admire them but before that you admire most its Creator.frame14


Your life is full of misery of all the memories that you wish to be able to erase or delete as if you are dealing with a file on your computer. Unfortunately you can’t delete some of the memories that you consider a bad decision. Every time you remember any of them you wish you’d be able to do it but you can’t. The blessing is that sometimes you can forget. Yes, you can distract yourself but you’ll always feel guilty about any decision that you consider wrong.



You feel hot and by looking at your cell the weather app says it is 64 F outside but it doesn’t feel that for you. Your Creator gave you the blessing of feeling the temperature. You thought there is something wrong with your body but when you get a glance at your A/C it says it is 80 F. You see? Your body tells you the truth not the app.





SophieStrawberryIt’s funny that sometimes it takes you very long time to recognize something very simple. Yesterday for the first time, I noticed that the shape of the strawberry when you cut it into half, it gives you the heart shape that represents love for humans.

Countless numbers of time I made that cut but i only noticed that resemblance yesterday. I admit it, it’s hard to believe it took me countless times cutting one piece of strawberry to notice that.


Being thankful is a gift. It opens a lot of doors for you. It makes you sleep well and not to worry.



It’s funny when you keep asking people to do what you think is right and you yourself do not do any of that, which means if you are asking others to say “thank you” for anything they get, you yourself should also say “thank you” coz you should be doing what you believe in before you ask others.frame8

Also being an example will confirm that you are really into it and that it is not just a fake style.

In the morning when you hear all of these birds noises, wouldn’t you have any curiosity to know more about the Creator?separator


It’s amazing how people take everything or most things around them for granted. They rarely think seriously about the unknown or how their future will be. frame7

Yes, some plan for the future, have some savings for education or for others. But life is more than that. It’s far deeper and you’re lost sometimes coz things not always go exactly the way you’ve seen it in your mind.

You are so tiny in this vast universe and you’re trying hard to figure out your way. You invented many things but the majority of your inventions are after money or making profit. It’s never for the pure thanks of your existence and this is where you go wrong.



You love your family and you should love yourself too.

You like people to thank you when you do something for them.

By the same token, you should thank others when they do something for you, is this reasonable?

Not everyone see that. Therefore, you should tell others about it. To be thankful is a good quality and it brings love and gratitude. It brings positive vibes that everyone needs.frame6

Thanking your Creator for all the lovely things you see and for all the blessings you have is also something that you can advise others to do.

It will bring more peace and tranquility and push evil away.

Do it. Be thankful and spread awareness of that too.

separatorEvery day that you live, you are thankful. Every moment that you breathe, you aught to be thankful.frame5

Nothing wrong with that. Appreciation and gratitude wouldn’t make you lesser than anyone on Earth. On the contrary, it would make you a role model for everyone else around you.


Imagine if the whole world would be one hand saying “Thank you Creator” for giving you a new day in a new year. Keep sending your wise sayings. frame2

It’s very simple to do that, right. Only this time it will be the first moment of your next new year, the moment that you realize that your Creator always give a lot for you although you don’t say enough thanks.


Ask any question if you want.

It’s just a new approach of seeing things. You’re not asked to leave your religion or creed or traditions in any way.

You’re only expected to say “thank you Creator” at the first moment of the first day of your new year.

Because most countries use the Western (Gregorian) calendar; therefore, your next moment to say this thanks and gratitude will be on the first day in 2021.

Imagine if the whole world would be one hand saying “Thank you Creator” for giving you a new day in a new year.

Is this too much to ask?


You don’t think so with all the blessings the Creator is giving you day and night, do you?

u might be doing it already every year, we’re just trying to add more people to good habits. Invite page will continue with all kinds of wise sayings. If you like to share yours pls feel free to email: