For Art Reasons²⁰!

Make sure that your life is unwasted! 😉  Art is such a huge word carrying a lot of weights. the arts, also called fine arts, modes of expression that use skill or imagination in the creation of aesthetic objects, environments, or …more Creating an art piece is not as easy as it seems to be. It takes more talent … More For Art Reasons²⁰!

String Play!

When your mind is overwhelmed, you need a trip! 😉   You might expect to read more about turning anger into productive energy, but instead there is a clip that is shared by one of your friends.  It is quite interesting since it might remind you of your grandpa or your dad or others who tried … More String Play!

For Art Reasons¹⁸!

Your mind carries a lot of memories but your heart is more selective! 😉   Art is not science. It is rather unmeasurable expressed work or measurable differently by different people. Art education is proved to have many benefits for human beings.   Decoration items represent art. When you decorate your home, you use things that … More For Art Reasons¹⁸!

For Art Reasons¹⁶!

Life gives you plenty of blessings just keep reminding yourself! 😉   Welcome back  best friends to your home. Our special thanks for friends from the US, India, Germany, Kenya, Portugal, China, the UK, Nigeria, South Africa, Sri Lanka , Canada, Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, France, Cameroon, Brazil, Ukraine, Netherlands, Italy, Lithuania, Hungary, Turkey, Mexico, Bulgaria, Finland, … More For Art Reasons¹⁶!

For Art Reasons¹¹!

Positive vibes defeat bad intentions! 😉   According to the theory of art, art exists in everything. Sometimes, you would be sitting watching the clouds out of your windows, then the clouds speak to you pointing at the rainbow. It’s fascinating how nature can converse with you.   Until we talk again,  suggest, you know how … More For Art Reasons¹¹!

For Art Reasons⁹!

You always have a special smile, and everyone can see what a smile can do! 😉   According to the theory of art, art exists in everything. Sometimes, you’ll be surprised by an animal shape or a clown’s face jumping up to your face from your wall, your ceiling, your curtains, and more, you never know. … More For Art Reasons⁹!