Mother’s Day!

Welcome back dearest fantastic friends everywhere in your beautiful world: the US, India, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Australia, Brazil, Russia, China, Colombia, Australia, the UK, Philippines, Poland, Ukraine, Nigeria, Italy, South Africa, Uzbekistan, Portugal, Mexico, Peru, Belgium, south Africa, France, Turkey, Poland, Spain, Bangladesh, Norway, France, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Germany, Brazil, Hong Kong, Canada, Romania, Switzerland, … More Mother’s Day!

New CA Runner!

Welcome back dearest friends from the US, India, Cameroon, South Africa, Brazil, Canada, Malaysia, and all! 😉 A surprising announcement for many of you but history is full of surprises! 😉 Caitlyn Jenner Who is she? You do not know ? How come you are Californian? Do you think she will win?  Most of CA … More New CA Runner!

AZ Deploying NG!

Well hello again! So impressive! 😉  Definitely a big welcome for every time you are here with all of us: the US, Canada, Slovenia, Malaysia, Thailand, the UK, Ireland, Czech Republic, Spain, Hong Kong, Greece, Poland, Hungary, India, and al! 😉 Title 42, is AZ supposed to be able to protect its borders or not? … More AZ Deploying NG!


Hello Dear friends everywhere: the US, Montenegro, Malaysia, Philippines, Nigeria, South Korea, Italy, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Ukraine, Guatemala, Netherlands, India, and all! 😉 Who gives the Federal government its power? Who gives the U.S. government its power? According to the constitution, the power of the government stems from the power of the people who give the government … More Nebraska!

A Camouflage!

Great Friday! The luckiest is the one who can see the family frequently! 😉  Welcome back dearest friends from the US, Indonesia, Canada, Philippines, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Switzerland, India, and all! 😉 B: I think you always forget the drill. A: How? B: You make “diversion- you make a lot of noise over there … More A Camouflage!

Three Flying Pyramids!

Great conversation this one is and so is the next! 😉 For now, welcome back dearest friends from the US, Brazil, Australia, Italy, India, Netherlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Philippines, and all! 😉 Classified? Why? You do not know, but you want to know while the Pentagon hush hush everything for no clear reason. Three flying … More Three Flying Pyramids!

FL Success!

Great governor and many other governors started following his steps from both parties after witnessing how he handled the important matters to his people. Unfortunately, the videos that are sent to us and wanted to share it with you were removed from YouTube, which is a bit of expansion since contents were encouraging how to … More FL Success!


Hide until you find it, do you think anyone would blame you?!. 😉 Thanks for being here lovely friends from everywhere: the US, India, Malaysia, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Germany, Cameroon, Taiwan, Turkey, and all!;) Assuming that a channel having only 2 singers: If you like to listen to Madonna and your friend likes to listen … More Assuming!

CA Recall²!

So astonishing that you can finally see bipartisan efforts but only in pushing CA recall! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US,  Brazil, Canada, India, Sri Lanka, and all! 😉 Sometimes, the gold is not gold and the silver is not silver. It is all an illusion. This is how Californians have felt for a … More CA Recall²!

CA Recall!

Great move, is it? Politics is so complicated! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends from the US, India, Brazil, Japan, Russia, Nigeria, Malaysia, France, Mongolia, China, Kenya, Netherlands, and all! 😉 Just think about it, what is the reason for this recall? Is it really bipartisan? If yes, is it going to achieve the reform that … More CA Recall!

Get Some Laughs!

Time for few laughs which are sent by a new friend! 😉 Welcome back everyone everywhere: the US, India, Cameroon, Malaysia, Canada, South Africa, Turkey, Kenya, Italy, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Egypt, Malta, Dominican, France, China and all! 😉 We hope that you were able to smile or laugh a bit. Life is full of fun … More Get Some Laughs!

Time is Life!

Good Idea! Is it possible that someone well-known of good qualities could make a mistake? 😉 Sure, thanks for being here great friends from everywhere: the US, Netherlands, Canada, Thailand, Brazil, the UK, Botswana, Spain, Germany, China, France, South Africa, Egypt, Taiwan, Australia, Jordan, Belarus, France, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Poland, Philippines, India, Nigeria, and all! … More Time is Life!

Technical Writing!

Welcome back dearest friends from the US, Canada, Russia, South Korea, Germany, Poland, and all! 😉 It is good to ask, nobody knows everything! A friend asked that question: What is technical writing? Writing a manual is a technical writing. Writing about a machine, a devise, a tool, an equipment, or any other that is … More Technical Writing!


Hello and welcome back dearest friends everywhere! Until we chat again, keep following up with the latest turn, with our hugs and kisses ❤


Welcome back all friends everywhere! Two different views of the CPAC conference: one is opposing to its contents and one is praising. Which side would you choose, or is it better to stay away from the headache of politics? Until we chat again, follow up with what is going around you if you can’t be … More CPAC!


Welcome back dearest friends everywhere! A number of new technologies are seriously scary. You have a wonderful world that has its own measurements and its own calculations. Do you think that trying to control the weather or the system is right? This project tells you something but not all what is going on now. Until … More Weather!

Pipelines’ Jobs!

Welcome back dearest friends everywhere from the US, India, Nigeria, Palestinian Territories, China, Canada, Mexico, the UK, and all! 😉 There has been a big fuss around the Pipelines and a project that was stopped without a reasonable justification, which created a lot of anger among thousands of workers who lost their jobs, did you … More Pipelines’ Jobs!

Speak Out!

Dearest friends everywhere! As expected in your previous pages, some expectations were stated regarding free speech, and here’s more talk about it. Until we chat again to complete your tools, just stay tuned with out hugs and kisses ❤

Your Civil Rights!

Use it or lose it, this is what they say. If you have rights, you better practice it and preserve and grow it up! 😉 This is your civil rights under the USA Constitution. You need to know it so long as you are a citizen here: Civil and political rights are a class of rights that protect individuals‘ freedom from … More Your Civil Rights!

People’s Face!

Be smart and never alienate people! 😉 Welcome back dearest ones everywhere! 😉 All differences in opinions should be respected and discussed and whatever the real majority wish for should be taking place. We should hear reporters asking people what they want instead of arresting them and intimidating them with all kinds of war tools. … More People’s Face!

Keep An Open Door, People!

Dearest friends everywhere! 😉 One of you, our friends, shared this link with all of you in case you’re interested to know more. Nicely said and meant to the best of our understanding. Until we chat some more, keep hooked up to your channels, true channels, with our hugs and kisses ❤


Thanks for being here dearest friends from everywhere! 😉 Until we chat again, keep sending and sharing with our hugs and kisses ❤

Still More Tomorrow!

Hello everyone! The conclusion was as follows: The Electoral decision was stopped due to a breach by The American People. The breach was done by a young lady and she was shot instantly and The American groups  will do it tomorrow again according to their hosted representatives. This is the free world that Americans want … More Still More Tomorrow!

From 20 to 21!

To all friends everywhere! Our 2020 video has just been completed and published on YouTube. Here’s your link: Until we chat again, enjoy your video and we’ll chat more soon with our hugs and kisses ❤

Special Entertainment!

Wow, still quieter than before! 😉 Thanks for swinging by dearest friends from everywhere: the US, the UK, India, Australia, Canada, Russia, the UAE, Spain, Brazil, France, Portugal, Germany, Egypt, Yemen, South Africa, South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, Romania, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Austria, Finland, Switzerland, Greece, Lebanon, Iraq, … More Special Entertainment!

2021 Laughs in 5!

Friends, right now it is only 5 minutes for the New Year to reach our spot, yay! 😉 You should have some laughs before the New Year, so how about these:Until we chat again, wish you all the best in your New Year 2021 with our hugs and kisses ❤

Welcome 2021!

Dearest New Year’s friends and all-years friends, welcome back to your pages. It’s great to share the New Year’s Eve among family and friends! 😉 Thanks a lot friends from the US, the UK, India, Australia, Canada, Russia, the UAE, Spain, Brazil, France, Portugal, Germany, Egypt, Yemen, South Africa, South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Philippines, … More Welcome 2021!

Goodbye 2020!

Open your heart, clear your conscience and you will make it happen! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends everywhere: the US, the UK, Canada, India, Australia, Bangladesh, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Algeria, Thailand, China, Ireland, Italy, Singapore, Isle of Man, Argentina, Japan, Belgium, Taiwan, Germany, and our new friends from Isle of Man, and all! … More Goodbye 2020!

Writing Magical Instruments!

Nobody has all the cards yet except few! 😉 Welcome Back dearest fabulous friends from everywhere: the Us, the UK, Saudi Arabia, Canada, India, China, Germany, Senegal, Malaysia, Jordan, Turkey, Nigeria, Guadeloupe, Philippines, Chile, Norway, and all! 😉 Words are like magical instruments though they still require constantly nurtured and polished to keep their magic … More Writing Magical Instruments!

Helping Others!

Never postpone your dream unless you guarantee your time on Earth! 😉  Dearest friends everywhere: the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, India, Thailand, Romania, Egypt, China, Croatia, Japan, Italy, Portugal, South Africa, Taiwan, Qatar, France, and all! 😉 Why would Stuart say that?  Helping others need to be planned if you are into it. For … More Helping Others!