Beware of those who keep pushing you to the edge and then accusing you of being an extremist. Beat them by being moderate all the time! 😉 Hello and welcome back dearest friends from the US, India, and Canada! 😉

For sure, you’ve heard the expression: “He drives you nuts”, so where did that come from, and what is the relationship between nuts and being crazy?

A website about the origin of this expression stated that during the 1800, the word “nut” was used to refer to the head in slang, then it was altered to the one who has unstable head like a crazy person. From there the usage spread to express craziness.

Pure SilkBut the nuts are innocent of doing any crazy thing! 🙂

On the contrary, nuts are known to be appreciated by people. Most of the people like eating nuts; whether it is pistachio, almond, hazelnuts, or others, you certainly have your own preference. As a nutritional food, it is full of healthy elements to your body and your mind.

Some fruits and seeds that do not meet the botanical definition are nuts in the culinary sense such as:

Do you like the nuts? What kind of nuts do you like the most? Tell us more about your preferred nuts and why you prefer it over others. 🙄


Until we chat again, have some nuts while wandering between our pages, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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