Triple Celebrate!

Welcome back dearest friends! 😉 Many of you I saw tears in their eyes when the play was finally done! 😉

What a waste of time, efforts, and money! Ooops, People’s money!

Great! Isn’t it? Great to know that the unconstitutional should always fail. This is a relief for many.

With Valentine’s Day on Feb 14th and the US Presidents Day coming on Feb 15th, it will be a day of history to have the Feb.13th as the day that Mr. Trump was proved innocent as it should have been.

It didn’t require a proof. The proofs were bright and clear even to the blind but it was just another drama that the People had to endure for few sick-minded individuals.

Until we chat again, you have triple occasions to celebrate so do it and try to be happy with our hugs and kisses

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