Save Employees!

Through the rain, you can see, and again, I can see it through you 😉 Welcome back dear readers and friends from everywhere: the US, India, Spain, Japan, Sweden, Vietnam, Italy, Brazil, Lebanon, Slovakia, China, and South Africa 😉

We talked before about workers’ compensation system in the US and how poor it is, since it has too many stipulations and legalities, which the normal common worker would not be able to understand easily. That is why most of the time it ends up at an attorney’s office.

Theresa, like millions of other employees suffered from hearing loss, after using a work radio with an ear piece with a tiny mic. Theresa sent us a letter related to workers’ ear insurance which we suggested for employees to have. It is especially recommended for those who are required to wear a headset or a wire for a radio or any communication methods that get a piece inside/on your ears, which makes the ears’ cells worn out. Since the ears’ cells are not replaceable, and not too many people know that.

Our answer for your letter is that, again and again, ears’ hair cells do not grow back if they were lost.

We are born with 15,000 hair cells in each ear, but unlike skin or other cell types, they do not turn over or replenish themselves. Loss of these hair cells over time accounts for much of the hearing loss around the world …. More

Best Buy Co, Inc.Many big companies such as Target, Orchard, TJX, Macy’s and others have their associates wear ear pieces to communicate over the internal radios they have. There is no insurance whatsoever covering the ears of their employees. It is well-known that these employees hearing ability will be Save Employees-Sophiedefinitely affected, if not in the short run, it would be in the long run, no matter what. It is unavoidable.

Please pay attention employees, you need to protect your ears, you need to be aware of having the right to ask for insurance against hearing loss. Your employer know that but the employer would not care for your ears, if you do not care for them yourself.

Best Buy Co, Inc.

Until we talk more, roam around our topics, and choose whatever would inspire you to do something special, with our hugs and kisses

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