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Thank you our dear friends everywhere, especially from the US, & the UK 😉

Although we have some technical issues, but we insist on posting your daily piece, respecting your dedication  for reading our page.

Vivian: Hello my dear 1Zumba friend, what seems to be the problem?

Kelly: It’s the same one I told you about before.

V: What was it, just pls remind me?

K: It’s about insurance for my ears. My employer is one of these big fat ‘entities’, thousands of people are hurt, n others in millions with other companies as well, especially in call centers, communication companies, telephone companies, or interpretation companies.

V: Did you ask a professional ENT about what should you do? How to protect your ears? Is it something that is inevitable that will happen for everyone in the long run, if s/he is working over-the-phone?

K: Yes, I actually spoke to more than three specialists, and here’s few pictures, on how this happen to us:


Cheap [Employer]: What can we do? We want to make billions in profit, cutting down in insurance for our employees is one valid method of making a lot of profit

K: But this is greed, unethical, and illegal in this country. One of your duties by the law is to protect your employees from acoustic hazards, how come that you were able to go around that?

Ch: We go around it by providing the assumed Workers’Compensation, without telling our employees that they have Workers’ Compensation Insurance in the first place, and secondly, and paying  a Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company to be ours, so we can silent them if major events happened. You see how simple it is 😡

hearing-protection-how-loud-is-loudV: So you’re fooling not only your  innocent employees, but also you’re playing the system to make more profit, and deny others their human rights in protecting their ears from getting hearing loss.

K: We suffer many insurance problems with our employers, and nobody is helping us. We complain and complain, and everyone is busy. We are not sure what to do, especially if we do not want just to be dependent on a disability claim, or similar resources.

V: One fact you need to know is that, it is not only factory workers, who can get hearing loss, anyone who is working over-the-phone for at least 4 hrs on a daily basis, can get a hearing loss. So protect your ears, and ask your employer for your insurance. It is your right to have insurance by law. It is the duty  and the responsibility of your employer to provide healthy environment for you, to educate you about protecting your hearing, and cover you through insurance. 

There are many unscrupulous employers, who cheated in everything unfortunately, when it comes to their employees or workers’ rights. 

Dear 1Zumba friends, thank you for sharing this issue with us, and we promise you that we will keep on talking about it, until we hear some serious and effective response from who are in charge of these critical matters.

Thank you Sam for helping up with all these resources, and references.

Dear 1Zumba friend, it’s great to share with your friends about this warning. It’s ethical to let others know how to protect themselves from such hazardous situations.

We appreciate your voice, so spread the word everywhere, probably any of your family, friends, or acquaintance are in a similar situation, where their ears were brutally killed by those higher levels of vibrations or strikes in the phone lines. So please remember that it might have been you in the same exact situation, and if your friends did not support you, who else can do?!

Ears’ insurance is not only very important, but it’s crucial, vital, and human requirement.

Let’s talk again shortly, coz we have some new device we wanted to tell you about. So goodbye for now. In a little bit, we’ll talk again. Kisses ❤





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