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Welcome everyone to our world, it’s a weekend! So we hope that you’re spending a good time with us. Thanks for our current and new friends from  Brazil, the US, & Jordan 😉

I was fascinated (still I am) by the computer and the internet years ago. I wrote a book titled “Thanks for The Internet”, published in a very small amount, I don’t think that I have a copy, any more, but I still can get one. I know whom I can reach out for this.


Anyway, the reason, that I wrote that book at that time, is a very long story. It’s history, but I remind myself of it, now & then, just for the sake of bragging with myself. It was a personal n caused a lot of pain, but thank God, I was able to pass it.

Our post is not about that at all, it’s about something of more interest to you, than my personal experiences. 

My dear 1Zumba friend, I am your friend, you can trust me, and you can tell me anything you want. I never open my lips with names, and never would turn my back to you, when you need me. I am here to help anyone, who needs my help, if I can; if I can’t I would let you know where to find this kind of help. Absolutely!

aqua2Life is so precious! Enjoy it and cherish it! Remind yourself that all what you know is that you have ONE life!

Think for a moment. What is the best thing to do in this life? For sure, there is plenty of options for you, to choose from, but you only have one single shot, or may be several, who knows?

Two days ago, I was surfing n googling the net, finding few new inventions, which would be of real impact on the future of many industries. The beauty of them is that, they will grow up, whether we want or not. So get ready. Prepare yourself for the coming age. The age of Super Tech.


If you read all our posts before, you would remember that I told you before, that your brain is always seeking new objects in your surroundings. It’s some kind of (built-in) integrated trait in everyone’s brain. Here’s one of them: “Wearable sensors could one day interpret the gestures in sign language and translate them into English, providing a high-tech solution to communication problems between deaf people and those who don’t understand sign language.” More

Now, my dear 1Zumba friend, Paul, what is your invention? or what is your innovation? You have plenty of them, but probably you don’t even know it. You need to sit with yourself, to contemplate, and to be in a specific mood, and peace of mind. Just forget about your problems for a while, and think, if you were to be free of all these obstacles that you may have, what would you do? What would you contribute to humanity? There must be something special about you. Believe me it is there, but you did not think about it. It will come to you.

However, there is one important thing to remember: Not every new thing is good, useful, or likable by people. New things are good when they give good profitable values to people, and bad when they aim to destruction and harm.

Internet is still on the top of all inventions, that I like the most; it’s very huge compared to all other inventions. I’m thinking how do you feel about it yourself, do you agree with me, let me hear from you.  Your comments are welcome, and your questions will be answered as soon as we can.

I need to do something now, so I would say goodbye for few moments, and then I’ll be back to you, and tell you more about new things. Love you all ❤



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