Be Nimble!

Fantastic day, with fantastic friends from everywhere, from the US, Brazil, Ireland, n South Africa 😉

Being agile is a great characteristic that everyone of us would like to have. It’s healthy and in the meantime, it makes you enjoy your time more!

All you need is a 30 minutes of walking added to your daily routine, you could burn Image result for losing weight by walkingabout 150 more calories a day. Instead of looking at it via losing weight, let’s examine this for gaining agility.

The wording of losing weight, is somehow carrying this negativity of “losing” effect; therefore, I would talk about it as gaining nimbleness, or how to be nimble.

Your start can be few minutes, if 5 minutes is a good start for you, do it, by all means. Related imageThe next day, you’ll find yourself walk for longer, and believe me, I used this method myself. I used to live next to a “Mile Square” park in Fountain Valley, CA. My start was 15 min, then it became 45 min or more. Most importantly, I enjoyed walking in the open air!

You can burn 70 calories/day, or more, it all depends on your speed, and your distance. You do not have to exhaust yourself. It will all come natural to you, once you started, just remind yourself of that feeling, when the fresh air gets into Image result for losing weight by walkingyour nostrils, and you feel grateful, for being able to walk and observe all your natural beings around you: trees, grass, people, squirrels, etc..

Take your bottle of water with you.

Having that said, it’s time for me to go and get that walk I’ve been longing for, after our rainy season. We’ll talk some more. Just keep enjoying your walks, and remember instead of saying losing weight, say I gained my agility.

Love, hugs, & kisses ❤


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