Why 1Zumba?

Many of you asked about why we chose “1Zumba” name for our site, although it covered not only Zumba related subjects but also other life-matters. Sure, there was a story behind that.Purium® Kids Quad Pack $50 off with coupon code SAVE - shop now!

When we first started the site, our intention was to promote fitness among our UC Berkeley students via dancing similar to a Zumba style. Later on and due to the versatile audience joined in the process, it was clear that other life threads should be added to address the questions/suggestions received.

You’re welcome to follow or to to be part of 1Zumba.com.  We are always asked about additional facets of life, so we keep adding new views to our pages.

From there, you’d see our pages include various fields of life, and we also provide additional tabs that connect our site to others, as well as specializing page for interviews from your real world “7000 SuperStars“.

Thus the main purpose behind this site has developed into trying to answer as many questions as possible and to help people understand about issues that might meet them in their lives. Moreover, it addresses the needs of the people by researching any available resources to help including homeless issues and try to find suitable solutions.SophieChannelQatar Airways