Why 1Zumba?

Many people asked about why we chose that name for our site, although it covered other life matters as well. Definitely, there is a story behind that.

Our intentions were completely focused on dancing fitness, when we first started this site. Afterwards, due to the versatile audience, we got into any matters that are of interest to people.

Certainly, we welcome all people to follow or to to be part of 1Zumba.com.  In the meantime, we are asked about other facets of life. As you know, life matters are plenty, and; therefore, it is natural to add other areas of life. Each one of us has her/his own life, which comes with unique issues.

From there, we develop our pages to include various fields of life, and we also provide additional tabs that connect our site to others, as well as specializing page for interviews with people of our world “7000 SuperStars”.

The purpose behind this site, is to try to answer as many questions as possible, to help people understand about issues that might meet them in their lives, and to research some of the resources trying to come up with suitable solutions, such as making money, saving, or investment.