From Nevada!

The blind and the seeing are not alike; nor the darkness and the light! 😉 Welcome back friends and readers everywhere: the US, Australia, New Zealand, India, Trinidad & Tobago, and Ireland! 😉

Nature surprises you everyday, right? Buildings and shapes do the same when they stand out with no other equivalent to their beauty, right?

Here’s what nature give you from Nevada, the US, one piece of art, but it is not completely natural in the sense that the natural chemicals composed what you see in that picture without any interference of any man’s part, to produce to you this fantastic combination of colors in an unbelievable way.NevadaGeyser

An accidental man-made phenomenon, Fly Geyser is the byproduct of well drilling in the 1960s–a poorly capped well began spewing dissolved minerals, and over the years those minerals have piled up to form the geyser’s distinctive rainbow pillars. Sadly, it’s on private property (though that hasn’t stopped people from extensive blogging about how to find it). More

Qatar Airways

Until we talk again about another special place, we invite all of you to share your recommended places for us, and to comment on our inspiring topics, with our love and kisses ❤
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