A stone is worthy than the another, only coz you put a price to it! 😉 Here we meet again dear friends from the US, the UK, India, Brazil, Mongolia, Spain, Belgium, and Germany 😉

Is this how you feel? Out of power? Out of energy? Did you ask yourself why? Is this the first time that this happens to you? Not able to follow your fitness routine?

Purium - Shop Now!You need to observe and catch this kind of changes that can occur to your body. Your body gives you some signs telling you if there was something wrong with it. It is good to be healthy, but sometimes you ‘re over-doing your exercises, not necessarily exhausted from your daily work routine.

Just keep this in mind. Sufa said that he studies physical fitness, and that among other things he learns is that your body needs to rest in-between your routine. He added that physiologically speaking, your exercise caused micro-tears in your muscles, and that they grow stronger when they are repaired.

Marilyn, a strength and fitness specialist, said that there is a number of signs that would give you a signal that you’re probably over-training or over-exercising. Here they are:well_howtostartrunning_promo-jumbo-v4

. Feeling Moody: Over-work-out can cause you to be moody or edgy.
. Sore: You can’t walk, feeling sore. You are over-exhausted,  listen to your body.
. Dark yellow urine: It’s indication that your kidneys are affected by over-exercise. 
. Trouble sleep: The overwhelming work-out can make you unable to sleep.
. Appetite loss: Normally when your body is tired your appetite can be affected.
. Hard to move: Simple bending down or lifting up your arms feels painful.Purium - Shop Now!

Be careful for your body. Do not over do exercise. If you got sick, you’ll miss the enjoyment of being fit. Therefore, the best thing is to be moderate. Extremes always have bad consequences.

Until we talk again, stay cool and fit with your topics for your mind-fitness, and with our hugs and kisses ❤

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