Prayers & Discipline!

Prayers are needed from everyone for the sake of saving people in fires!  😉 Welcome back friends and readers from everywhere: the US, Russia, the UAE, India, and Uganda!  😉

In some cultures, in some schools, in some learning techniques, in some sources of how to raise up your child, you are advised to ask your kid to listen, using a strict strong authoritative method (As a matter of fact, it’s not only with your child, it’s also with your soldiers, as a way of discipline in your military doctrine). 

Before going any further, we’re still asking you for a prayer, in any language, belief, or faith for people here who die from fires or from highly polluted air. Here’s how bad and serious it is:

Jazmin remembered one incident when her dad kept asking her two brothers to finish their food completely, until one of them got sick and vomited all what he ate. May be that happened to other kids too when parents insist on having a total obedience from their children even when they are grown up.

What would that have to do with giving comments online? Actually, it has to do a LOT! You wouldn’t imagine  how the experience of being shut down all the time or being prevented from expressing what’s going on inside your mind or your heart whatever they are: anger, happiness, fear, etc..Qatar Airways Worthy Lovely WholesaleHaving no way to say what you want to say for a period of time would create inside of you the air of not being willing to say anything. You’d be quite in your classroom the way you used to be silent around your family (The same goes for a military training when you have to follow the orders of your higher rank. It’s a serious matter to argue).

Whether you are aware of it or not, it could happen. Your decision in participating in comments or not is seriously affected by the way you were raised up. You may tend to be a listener rather than a speaker, and you’d apply the same rule when you are online: you’d be a viewer, a reader, a silent party but not an engaging (engager- why not) one!

When you become aware of what’s going on, being greatly affected by a discipline method, it will be a new beginning. Getting involved with everything around you is the normal way of living, while trying to be away of participating in responses is not.

Again every rule has some exceptions.

Until we talk again remain amused by your topics, get your real inspiration, and get involved with our hugs and kisses ❤


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