Life is tough, and No.1 is an illusion, so what?! Move on!;) Welcome back friends and readers from the US, Australia, Nigeria, India, the UK, and Canada! 😉Qatar Airways

Luisa said: “Nobody is going to come to your house magically and grant you your every wish, you have to fight and work for anything you need and want. “, when she was asked about being No. 1.

Linda has another idea suggesting that you should not want anything. The wanting element is the thing that needs to be eliminated of your life. Without wanting, you’ll be happier and more content with everything you get in your life. She suggested that you don’t need to be number 1, and that  no. 1 is just an idea like any other idea that is planted in your mind from your community. The glory of being no. 1 and being on the top is only a fantasy nothing more!

Steve has his own ideas about being no. 1 since his interests are completely focused on football. For him, no. 1 is to be a good player getting the highest score for your team. Katie is not interested in being no. 1 although she puts her nose in everything Purium© SAVE - get $50 OFF orders $75 or moreanyone does. She interrupt any of her colleagues if they do any kind of project. She is irritating and nagging all the time. No. 1 for her doesn’t mean anything. 

Audra is reasonable in her pursuit and clearing wants to be on the top not necessarily no. 1 though. It’s Ok for her to be no.2. She said whether she was no. 1 or no. 2, what she wanted was to achieve the goal. Her friend, Cherry, saw things differently. She expressed her desire to be no. 1. She openly explained her willingness to do anything and whatever it takes to be close to the top people, but not necessarily carrying the title no.1 though.

No. 1 has its charm. Imagine that you are no.1 in writing poetry, although this is a relative example; but imagine that you were no. 1 in anything, how soothing this would be for you?!

For me, No.1, many times, reminds me of the song that says: “The tide is high but I’m holding on, I’m gonna be your no. 1……..” Play it here 😉

No.1 gets all the attention. If you were the first child in your family, you’d know that No.1 always have a special treatment, and this may apply to anything else in life. What do you think?

Send your comments and let’s hear your voice, after you get through our tunnels of topics, with our hugs and kisses



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