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What is missing from your life? You don’t know? If you don’t, this is bad, and if you know, it’s good. Thus there is a chance that you’d get that missing part soon.

Let me tell you why I asked you this question. Sarah came to me yesterday, saying that the guy she admired didn’t know anything about that admiration. She, a kind of having a crush on him. She asked me if I had any advice for her to reveal and channel her feelings.
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I love the stories behind the music. The classical music has the most interesting stories but let’s finish what we started about Sarah.

Sarah is a bashful person who can talk to people and get well with them, but when she had feelings for someone, she wouldn’t be able to put two words together, coz of all the other threads of thoughts that would block every spot in her brain.

She would act like a confused person, when you ask her a question: “Where is the Scotch tape?”, for example, she would not answer, you’d find that her mind went absolutely absent.

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I understood how bad she needed an advice, but I was not in the right mood to be helpful; therefore, I referred her to my best friend, Amy, who  stopped by my office later on giggling accusing me of escape from talking about emotions any more.Most importantly she gave me this link to share it with all of you, in case you have a situation similar to Sarah! 🙄


Until we chat again focus on your new inspiration, you’ll find it and more here, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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