Rats! Rats! Rats!

Well, may be or may be! Jump into our train and enjoy our family!  😉  And you know what you’re welcome to be here, all friends from the US, Kazakhstan, the UK, and India! 😉

Have you ever thought that you’re may be not the person you think you are? Complicated? You bet it is, but you need to ask yourself this question. Why? Coz you need to know yourself better than knowing anyone else.


Rats is a huge subject and all rodents which may live under your house. They are not only affecting your health and your family‘s health, but also they depreciate the value of your home. Yes, it is true. If your home is infested with gophers or other rodents, it affects the value of your home in the Real Estate market.

Mice is not nice!ratstakingover

They are filthy small animals full of diseases and danger to everything humans, properties, crops, plants, etc. Like a bad penny, it keep coming back!

You need to be in it to win it. You need to be among the clean living uninfected houses in order to sell your house for a reasonable price compared to other houses in your area.
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The diseases that are carried by rodents including mice, rats, gophers, or any other rodents are seriously dangerous. You need to do something about it immediately, once you discover their existence in your premises. Otherwise, you may confront death soon, coz they reproduce in quite large numbers.

They also make very deep tunnels under your home, where no-one can reach down there to it, insuring that they occupy all that very deep underneath layer. 

Be smart and take the right precautions, saving your family the trouble of going through an agony, and saving the value of your property as well. Keep  telling others about the seriousness of this problem. Spread awareness among your neighbors and friends. 

One last word, there are ways to protect your home from rodents, but if it developed  very deep tunnels and had long history of invading your property, it’s best for you to move away, and instantly leave. It’s not worth it. Your life is the one with the highest value here. 

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Until we talk again keep diving deeper into our sea of topics until you get your true fresh idea, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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