No Home is Home!

Really? Yes, we are all on the right track, guys! Think about it! Welcome to our world friends from the US, the UK, Ireland, Réunion, Italy, and Poland 😉

Yes, that was how it was:

– No home is home!

– I don’t know why?

“After I did all of this, they look down at me?”, he said. “What are you saying, wait a minute”, I was  saying running after him, while he was getting his gun.

His girlfriend told me or insinuated that she could do something about it to help.

She had some super powers. She and I turned around a small piece of land, where that ground was covered with green scum as if it was very recently mowed to the ground but it left that greenish bloom or algae form on its surface. There was something in the middle of that small island but it was so dark we had to turn around it. We jumped from it to a nearby land, I held that girl to that spot but we partly got into the water when we were jumping or crossing to that area.

My son was angry looking for something going from one room into the other, and I was trying to catch up with his very fast steps.

I didn’t like the way he was angry. but I wanted to help him reach his aim. I wanted to calm him down, and to get him to get his pride back. if it  that was the reason for his anger. He seemed to be hurt in his pride.

The girl put something in my mouth that made me able to defeat anyone. She made me very powerful woman. It was like illuminating parts of braces and I opened my mouth and she arranged them inside. I asked her if I could or should chew on them all the time, and she answered that I didn’t need to, 

We got into a truck, and there were many other people joining my son. They were with him for some reason, he was their leader in a way but I was not given the details.

We were approached by a police car, and it stopped to the right side of the truck.

The truck was light dirty blue as if sprayed layer on its original one. we, were standing behind the back door of the truck where my son was changing the plate. He had just completed the screwing of its bolts when that car very slowly stopped by, and he was about to draw a gun on them but I pushed his gun back, and then he acted as if there was nobody else there laughing with me loudly and joking.

Miraculously they watched us for a few seconds then they moved on. 

There was also that part where they wanted to come down and it was not in their interest to do that so that witch girl was able to produce hands in the air that push them back to where they where just to keep them safe.


Well! We were moving in an orbit around the Earth, in a flying van.

The crowd inside the truck were voting whether to continue going in circles around the orbit or that we should go down to Earth from time to time!

Until we talk about another dream, give us your hugs and kisses ❤


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