A Bang of Negotiation!

I see! It’s a great day here in California today, but cell-phone companies are gone crazy! First, we welcome you to our pages from everywhere; especially the US, Australia, South Korea, Mexico, Italy, the UK, India, Philippines, n Canada 😉

Most of us are never taught how to negotiate. Seriously, have you ever taught your kid Related imagehow to negotiate things? We tend to advise our children on how to respond, rather than showing them how to negotiate.

The truth is that most things CAN be negotiated…and we can save money doing it. It might mean something for you, if you had $100 less to pay on your bills this month?

Your cell phone bill is the perfect place to start! Cell phone companies have this queer bizarre business model of acquiring tons of customers Image result for angry cell phone clientthrough very expensive means (e.g., national advertising), then churning through them by treating them horribly.

Of course you know what I’m talking about, because we all are in the same boat. Cell phone companies can provide you with their services far cheaper than what you think. But it is the greed of making more profit.  Google should help people with this cell-phone incredible high bills, and stand for those Image result for angry cell phone clienttyrants.

They know that it’s cheaper to retain an existing customer than to acquire a new one. Nevertheless, they prefer to torture their customers, and humiliate them, and twist their arms to have them pay whatever they want. Unfair! :angry:

Here’s where negotiation should take place. Grab your phone, speak to a customer service rep or to a manager, or to a regional manager. Take it to the highest level of management. They have special offers for low-Image result for negotiateincome people, but they hide it. Negotiate. Talk. Work it out.

We should agree that negotiation is a vital skill in our time, whether it is in personal or professional relationships.

Some of the qualities you need to have in order to be a good negotiator are:

– Problem Analysis: Agree on goals to be reached.
– Prep: Preparation is always your best bet, if you want to succeed.
– Listen: Train yourself to listen to the words, and to watch the body language.
– Reason: Stay away from your emotions, use your logic.
Related image– Articulate your expectations: Let the other party what is it that you exactly want or expect.
– Manage if in team: When there’s a team, be a team-player.
– Alternatives: Be ready with alternatives. It’s always good to keep alternates.
Image result for a man is writing– Quick action: Sometimes you’d need to be quick, but not always.
– Writing: Whenever both parties agreed, write it down.

Be prepared for all possibilities, your answers will be yes, no, may be, or I’ll think about it.

May be the best way to get what you want, is to get the other side what they want, as they say.

Let’s put it this way: it’s  totally up to you, but think of it as a bang of negotiation!

Until we meet again, here’s our hugs & kisses ❤


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