Building is always a good word. This is what you need, keep building brave people! ­čśë Welcome back readers and friends from everywhere: the US, Canada, and India! ­čśë Timmy said that one party is turning people against each other, neglecting and denying the real need of having secured borders. What do you really think? … More Build!

American Wall Started!

Welcome back friends from everywhere: the US, India, Kenya, Canada, Russia, Germany, Australia, Netherlands, and Madagascar! ­čśë Approve the wall, protect our kids’ lives if you don’t care about yourself, keep our borders safe for everyone! It’s no longer a matter of Democrat or Republican or Independent, it’s a serious matter. Postpone your challenging to … More American Wall Started!


Tell me that you’re with us enjoying all of our adventures and stories! ­čśë Thank you and welcome our new readers and friends; especially from the US, South Africa, Netherlands, Australia, Portugal, and the UK ­čśë Have you ever asked yourself why car keys are different from home keys? If you did, did you get … More Keys!

Active Shooting┬▓!

You never┬áknow if it could ever happen to you, but still you’ve got to be ready. How much ready, this is for you to decide ­čśë Hello again readers and friends from the US, New Zealand, India, Oman, Hong Kong┬áSAR┬áChina , and China!┬áHere’s our continuation for active shooting. What should you do if you get … More Active Shooting┬▓!

Active Shooting!

Hidden treasures are everywhere around you; all you need is just to perceive them! Welcome back our friends and readers from the US, New Zealand, India, Oman, Hong Kong SAR China, & China ­čśë Yesterday I attended a special course, never like any courses I attended before. It was called “Responding to an Active Shooter”! … More Active Shooting!


Say it only if you mean it! ­čÖä Guys! You’re welcome here any time. Thanks a lot our friends from the US, New Zealand, South Africa, and Switzerland ­čśë This topic is experimental. It starts with this ad, which appeared on the screen of my laptop, and as you see claiming that a teacher can … More Cyber-Security!

Somali Pirates!

It’s amazing how life goes on and on, and never stop; but, do we really know if it stops or not? Think about it! Welcome dear from everywhere in our stunning world, especially our friends from the US, South Korea, New Zealand, Germany ­čśë We’ve been searching the internet, my team and I for trending … More Somali Pirates!

Cyber-Attacks Protection, 1Zumba!

Hello everyone! Welcome to our pages. We’re so delighted to have you all with us, especially our readers and friends from the US, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany, Austria, Indonesia, Serbia, New Zealand, Slovenia, Belgium, Macedonia, Thailand, Turkey, Netherlands, Sweden, n the UK. ­čśë One of my students asked me yesterday: “what is a cyber … More Cyber-Attacks Protection, 1Zumba!