If you initiated something good, you’d get part of its fruits! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends and readers from everywhere: the US, Israel, Kuwait, Hong Kong SAR China, New Zealand, India, Germany, Canada, Thailand, the UK, Mexico, Romania, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Japan, Australia, Guam and Italy

A number of young graduates keep playing this clip over and over again. Garrett said: “No more to say until this wall is completed on all the Southern Borders of our country.”


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Can you see why they did that? Garrett said that one of the reasons was that the Congress has already agreed in the past for building your wall, but it was under another presidency. Can yo imagine that? So all that fuss is just for the game with the other party, and to hell go the poor people!

      EasyRentCars.comimageGeekstoreIf you want to vanish, this is your choice, but you cannot and should not deny your future generations their rights in secured and well-protected place to live in. You cannot deny your new generations the right to be protected from drug dealers and being kidnapped and driven into a life like hell. If you did, you are immoral.

If you’re denying your own people protection at the cost of helping other criminal strangers, you’re immoral. In this case, you should not be in charge of taking a life-threatening situations. Even if you’re taking long time to be convinced of the nobility of protecting your own people, this also, in itself, instantly disqualify you of being a good decision-maker.


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Remix by Rock Revival at Buckle!Until we chat again, keep encouraging more security and protection for yourself and your families. If you failed to secure and protect yourself, you’ll be gone forever. Nothing will matter after that. Nothing as in money, millions, billions, zillions, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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