Your Food!

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Today is like any other day, is it? In a way it is, and in another way, it’s not. Of course, you can never have two typical days in your life. It’s a fact. You have no say in this. Everyday is a new day. Never repeated the exact way.

How about your food? Do you keep repeating cooking the same exact food everyday?
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Bee said she didn’t cook the same things everyday, but she knew what kind of ingredients she would need to have in her refrigerator in order to prepare the kinds of dishes she liked to eat with her family.

Cashmere in LoveHowever Maggie’s comments was, according to what she read online, that:

Eating the same thing every day or repeating meals and ingredients throughout the week may help you lose weight or stick with your diet. .

Tom agreed that that could be one way to lose weight, but he disagreed on having the same exact meals everyday for healthy people. He said although having a variety of food could be a pain and tiring but you need to enjoy your meals and especially the seasonal ones from the veggie and the fruits.  

In our opinion, variety is a cornerstone of good nutrition, and enjoying a variety of foods, day to day, season to season, helps ensure that you get the energy, vitamins and minerals you need for better health.

Some ways to break the habit of repeating the same food everyday for your meals could do the trick.

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