A Seafood Splurge!

Thank you friends and readers from everywhere; specifically from the US, France, and Ireland 😉

Image result for friends eating seafoodI’m thinking of food, my 1Zumba friend. You told us that we can eat everything, but we need to exercise and keep our fitness sharpened all the time, so I’m applying your advice 🙂

For dinner, I’m getting a whole salmon fillet . It can easily serve a crowd and is delicious hot, at room temperature or even cold, with a mustard sauce. If you want something more boldly flavored, rub the fish with a mix of spicy chilies, tamarind, and maple syrup.

 SeaBear Smokehouse

For an intimate Christmas dinner, pack one or two fish in a salt crust and bake. Bring to the table and crack the crust to reveal the fish inside.

Image result for fish baked in salt crust

Crab is a winter delicacy from Florida that you can often find shipped up to other parts of the country this time of year. Serve it chilled, perhaps with a simple cocktail sauce.

Image result for crab with cocktail sauce in a glass

Luscious morsels are the perfect Christmas Eve ingredients if you’re looking for something that cooks fast. Serve them with a luxurious French-style butter sauce.

Food & Wine:

Shrimps can be served in all occasions; Christmas or any other holiday. You can splurge on domestic wild shrimp and poach them in vermouth. Serve them with a ginger sauce as a riff on shrimp cocktail.

Food & Wine:

Related imageThinking of seafood in Christmas is such a good idea. It’s easy and fast to be prepared. It’s delicious and light in digestion. Also, it’s healthy and better than eating bacon, beef, or others; unless you’re vegetarian.

It’s up to you what you’re going to choose for your family or friends, but, for myself, I think I’ll go with a seafood splurge, 1Zumba!

Let’s talk some more in a little bit. Love, hugs, & kisses for all of you ❤

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