Unintended Laughter, 1Zumba!

Thank you our readers, friends, bloggers, writers, co-workers, colleagues, students, & all others; especially from the US and Greece 😉

Image result for buying giftsHey, where are you now my 1Zumba friend? It’s very beautiful weather here today. Downtown SF, it has been so crowded the whole afternoon, coz it has been sunny and cheerful.

On Thursdays, we’re approaching the weekend, and remember, we’re only 9 days away from the New Year. Humm!

What should we do before the New Year arrives, and how should we get ready for our New Year 2017!

For Anna, my student, she said: “Here is how I’d get ready: I want you to go through Related imageevery month of this year, and think for a moment: did I do anything right, this year?  If there is a “yes” somewhere, I’ll be proud, and I’ll try what brought it to me.”

You see, all the incidents we meet within a one year, are kind of similar to tennis balls coming over the net; every ball helps you practice your swing. Then, what’s important is that you’d get used to those swings that made you Image result for buying giftssucceed in winning the game. This is one of the keys!

Another student, Mostafa, commented: “Keep in mind that you will open a new page; a page which is completely clear and clean. It’s your choice to fill it up with success, happiness, fun, and achievements; or with other attributes you don’t want even to name them.”

Reaching the point of satisfaction is simple in itself, but hard to be attained.It’s you who can control all the elements in your life which will make you happy or miserable. Of course, sometimes, there are incidents that are out of our hands; in other words, uncontrollable Image result for buying giftsevents. These we cannot hold ourselves responsible for, and we’ve got to work around them.

This year has armed you with lessons that you learned, and you would not repeat them if they made you feel unhappy. For sure, you’d leave them behind, coz you are a smart girl/guy. Right?! 🙄

You can sketch down some general outline for your next year, and your most important goals. After the New Year, take a day for planning for the whole year, for just the obvious threads to your best knowledge.

There has been a situation in the school, when two girls, during the first break were Image result for buying giftslaughing at a guy who forgot to close his zipper, while his underwear had Disney cartoon shapes. I understand, it could be humorous, getting you to laugh, and sometimes, you’d be unable to control your laughs.

Believe me, it happened to me before. It was in the middle of a formal meeting, when a colleague was talking, I burst into laughter, coz I remembered a  very funny hilarious situation. 

Of course, during the meeting, Mr. Z was embarrassed, and I didn’t have a chance to explain to him anything; therefore, he took it personally, and later on, he complained about it.

Afterwards, I made it clear to him that it was nothing related to him at all, and that I Image result for laughingcouldn’t help it. I apologized for the situation, although I didn’t share with him the odd event that made me having that non-stop unintended laughter 😛

Going back to the two girls, I thought that they could have apologized for that person, and ended up the situation. However, the whole matter was escalated to the administration, and there were some unfavorable consequences, coz they gals and were actually mocking  and pointing at him unfortunately.

Nevertheless, I hope it would be solved in a mature way, and since a new year will be here soon, why don’t we all forget the bad things, forgive each other, and open a new page. Life is too short for being mad at others. We need to care for each other, and spread love all around us.

Merry Christmas, with our kisses & hugs for all of you ❤


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