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May 27, 2020

I believe that every story is a potential movie in many forms!

You might think that it’s not for every story and that there’s a good story and a bad one but the truth is, with all the surge that took place in movies’ demand, it is no longer the case.

You’re not wrong when you think there is a bad story and a good one but this perhaps is rather related to the writing style of the author and your comfort zone with her style.

You’d be surprised of how many stories you’re surrounded by every single day of your life ever since you were born. What do you think of the story behind this photo?



JAZMIN Halloween

 She is a nice young lady. She is passionate compassionate and caring. She usually remember your important dates such as a birthday or a Halloween day. Her cards are impeccable and leave a good memory in your mind. Her name is Jazmin – Jazmin Michaels. Thank you Jazmin. We all love you JAZMIN Dear!  


Fitness Fans

This book started as an initiative for promoting physical fitness among people, with Zumba workouts in mind on the top. Then it was evolved into more aspects of life, to include losing weight, living healthy, wellness, entertainment, stress relief, and plenty of other interesting branches of our life. 





Novel Pieces From Life


This book is meant to be a candle for people who need to know how to act in real life, in situations they didn’t experience before, and they have to react to them. It’s a way to show others how to act gracefully and maturely, when life brings them its surprises!  





The stories in this book are meant to be for entertainment and general knowledge. It is basically a collection of some selected posts that I wrote for readers online with additions and adaptations, here and there, so that it would fit your … 



 A San Francisco girl who had a very special life, but she got lost at a certain point. She knew many guys who loved her, put her in funny situations, or took her to exotic places, but she was in a continuous search for the special one. Did she find him in her 31 guys/year? Each guy  



Guaranteed How to pass your Real Estate Exam is a book that deals with real life. It’s a true experience that the author went through in order to unlock all the mysteries of passing this test.

Check out this great song.  Play it over and over until you feel relaxed. 🙂

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