.Com or 1Zumba.com?

Thank you our new readers from the US, Canada, Philippines, France, India, Spain, Brazil, Iraq, n Germany 😉  Thank you our current visitors from everywhere 😉

Today, it will be a fast talk, and the reason is that Wednesdays are always the busiest days of the week for me, and may be for you as well my dear 1Zumba friend.

cmCommunicate well with others. Do not neglect responding back to people. This is one of the essential keys of success in life. This does not mean that you need to respond to every and each spam email you are getting on a daily basis. It simply means, when human relationships are involved, try to classify your priorities. Select which on is more profitable to your business. Pay attention to details. Sometimes you can gain a lot from a very minor source, you are not even aware that it exists.

√√Communication, or good communication in business is a magic tool for gaining profits. Even for a small business, it is good to be open, and to address any specific point directly. No speculation on some illusion would bring you the profit.

Be aware of what is going on around you. Love everyone,  respect everyone, and communicate clearly. One of my students asked me yesterday if she should ask her new business partner about how much each one of them would pay in their new business project. I answered: “Of course!” How else you would start a business, without having the details about your capital, your shares, your organizational structure of  partnership, etc.. 

Learn to compromise, put everything in writing, and other important methods of avoiding friction in partnership, to have your business go smooth. More

cmHere’s a good article addressing a number of important points about communication and its definition, its effects, & its benefits. I highly recommend reading it for businessmen, or potential business related jobs: How important is Communication.

Some people thought that “.com” is taken from the word “Communication”, but the truth is that it was derived from “Commercial”. Read More! I can’t believe it, time flies my dear 1Zumba.com 😉

Thank you for being with us today. Probably, in a little while, we will be back with even more interesting chat, stay with us. Get your drink, finish your homework, do your things, and keep reading until we’re back again to you. We are always here for you. Love you 😉


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